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  1. Shaheens

    Engine continues noise

    Hello, I got my Grenadier Fieldmaster few weeks back from Dubai dealer, the car is amazing on-road and off-road, except for one issue bothering the comfort of enjoying the drive. I have a continues noise coming from the engine, the noise never stops even while parked, driving slow or fast and...
  2. M

    Clicking noise ?

    Hi! Couldn’t find a thread on this already so maybe it’s just me or my car but I’d thought I ask. And to anyone who has this noise but hadn’t notice yet - I’m sorry ! 😬 I didn’t notice my first 5000km’s but all of a sudden it was there. And now it’s driving me crazy. When I run the...
  3. C

    Clicking noise - steering

    I couldn't find this problem previously reported. When turning, initially right only now both ways, I hear a clicking noise that can be felt as well. First reported to my dealer, they greased some bearings (forgot the exact name) and that appeared to correct the issue. A few days later and it's...
  4. AnD3rew

    Strange noise/behaviour

    So I was on the 2 lane highway the other day, doing 100kph and came up behind a slower truck, a little light rain and road was slightly wet, had to slow a little to let a car overtake me and when it passed I accelerated firmly while steering out into the outer lane to pass the truck, as I did so...
  5. sean0809

    Wind Noise with fitted INEOS light bar - help!

    Last weekend was my first long motorway trip in the new Fieldmaster. However after an hour I struggled to carry on as I couldn’t deal with the whistling wind noise that, I’d guess, is down to the light bar, fitted as per the order, with the 2 cross bars. When I collected the car the front cross...
  6. ChaosDogg

    Sound Deadening

    I added some sound deadening (Stage 1 only) to my Diesel Trialmaster. So far it "seems" quieter, but that could just be my brain trying to compensate for all the effort it took to get this done. Road noise seems to be not as sharp and a bit more dulled, I definitely hear the turbo whine a bit...
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