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  1. SkiBum1

    Americas Recommendation on Front Spot Lights

    I want to put a pair of from spot lights on my Grenadier. I don’t really want a led light bar. I have seen a lot of stuff online, but what I really want is something that simply looks cool and bad ass. Does anyone have a recommendation for a mfg of front spots that can be bumper mounted that...
  2. Shawnpalmer

    Trailer lights wired, Dual Battery wired with RedArc isolator, sub relocated

    Trailer lights added since I didn’t get them on mine, sub relocated, and RedArc dual battery kit installed. See pics. NATO plug will be added in a couple of weeks connected to Aux battery, and Anderson connection under the hood. NATO socket will be wet up to run a rear mounted winch. It’s...
  3. Cheshire cat

    Rear LED lights not powering down after vehicle has been locked

    Rear LED lights and part of the centre console display, seem to stay on maybe 30 minutes after vehicle has been locked up. My Grenadier has only been used a couple of times in the past month. On arriving home I put it on a battery tender and now showing 88%. Won't stay at that if lights don't...
  4. O

    Water in inside indicator lights

    I have water in the RH side indicator. The left is fine. I don’t have the elevated air intake. Does anyone else have this issue ?
  5. M

    Vision X lights front grill

    Has anyone had issues fitting vision X lights Was told they were plug and play with only a small adaption to the original housing needed….did this fit fine, had to swap connectors on the original wiring loom to fit new lights. When turned on using overhead switch and main beam lights come on...
  6. M

    UK & Ireland Vision x lights

    Has anyone had any issues fitting the vision x lights….. I have fitted the new aux lights using the original ineos wiring loom so that when the overhead switch is on the lights should come on when main beam selected. All that happens is they come on for two seconds then go out, high beam stays...
  7. BenTN

    Auxiliary Lights in the Grill - High Power LED light upgrade without any cutting

    Like many others I was disappointed in the stock aux. lights in the grill of my Grenadier. I'm sure there were various regulations that limited what could legally be mounted there from the factory, but the light output is just pointless. I don't think I would ever use them, especially with the...
  8. F

    LED flood lights. Dimmable/color controlled

    I’m looking for led light bars I could attach one on each side on the grab bars to be powered by my Dutch plugs. I’d like to be able to dim them and change their colors. Ideally for when camping to have a nice ambiance. Moon or purple or blue or green colored to not be an intrusive light but...
  9. S

    Back Up Warning Lights

    Has anyone experienced what I’m seeing in the photo below? I could be in the middle of a wide open parking lot and the warning says I have something just off the corner of my bumper. It doesn’t happen every time, maybe 75% of the time.
  10. Shawnpalmer

    Wired my grill lights to Aux 1 switch

    Took some time tonight to rewire my grill lights to the overhead Aux 1 switch. The lights work perfectly, no error codes. I used the wire running to the engine bay for power and ground. It should come this way from the factory. They are actually pretty bright when running them with the low...
  11. ealshamsi

    Lights Fixing Quality

    Hi All, I wonder if someone had this issue, as shown in the attached image. It happened after driving on gravel routes; this piece moved out due to the vibration. I had this issue three times. Eisa
  12. shiv.nandak

    Aux lights with a black housing?

    I remember a few years back, there were promotional pictures/videos where the prototypes had the aux lights blacked out. I always loved that look, so I was wondering if there were aftermarket lights that have black housings?
  13. F

    Bulb kit?

    I’ll be taking my Grenadier over the Channel to France this year, and will need to make sure I’m prepared. I know I’ll need to do the headlight conversion, and to a supplement my reflective jackets (which I’m moving so they’re reachable from the front seats), warning triangle, fire extinguisher...
  14. M

    Replacement front grill to take rectangular lights

    Hi, Anybody making a replacement front grill to incorporate oblong led lights either in a horizontal or vertical orientation. I know lots of folk prefer the original round lights and that’s fine . I don’t like the thought of using Lazers option of cutting the grill to fit and they are...
  15. JohnHeagney

    Front spot lights

    Good morning All and Happy Christmas! Has anyone switched the two front spot lights with effective lights that are “eye ball burners” rather than the existing ones that are as effective as a couple of candles? Preferably just a direct swap over, I have seen rectangular Lazers fitted but would...
  16. [ Adam ]

    Americas Safety Inspection - Lights not DOT Marked

    According to a post on Facebook, it looks like a Virginia state inspector failed a Grenadier because the lights were not marked with DOT. If this is the case, this will be expensive for Ineos to fix. Can anyone take a survey of their vehicle and document which lights are, and which lights are...
  17. nuclearbeef

    Aux lights only available in offroad mode?

    Searched and could not find an answer. The aux lights (lights in grille) only come on in offroad mode on US spec vehicles. Is there a hack to allow their operation in normal (non-offroad) mode? I heard rumors there was some wire jumping to allow this? I am aware they only operate with...
  18. M

    Head lights and snowing

    Hello, a couple of days ago I drove through heavy snowfall. After a few minutes I recognized a loss of power from the headlights. At first I thought of a defect (and wanted to blaim the software), but then I imagined what could had happened. It became so dark on the road with only a minimal...
  19. M

    Parking light issues

    Getting more and more used to the functions or missing functions of my Grenadier I wanted to park on a completely dark road. If my fading memory is correct, in germany you have to switch your parking lights on in a situation like this. It is a matter of road-safety. I tried this with the...
  20. Clark Kent

    ARB Base Rack Auxiliary LED Lights

    Picked up a set of these ARB Base Rack Auxiliary lights. The U bracket of the supplied mount sits nicely under the upper screw for the grab rail. I put one on each side. ARB
  21. Trialmaster

    Lazer Lights, ROOF, GRILLE & WORK LIGHTS

    Had a very positive response from Joshua of Lazer Lights. My preferred solution for the roof lights and hopefully one we can progress with.
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