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land rover

  1. ChasingOurTrunks

    DriveTribe: The First Ever Land Rover

    I've not watched it but just saw it on the Expo home page. Looks like Richard Hammond hosts a 15 minute Drivetribe episode about the first-ever Land Rover. I know this forum is for Ineos company videos, but the thing is that part of this story was about how Jim Ratcliffe purchased this Land...
  2. Krabby

    Have you ever owned a Land Rover?

    How many of you have ever owned a Land Rover product? It can be a 1948 Series I, a 2023 Range Rover Evoque, or anything inbetween. Please answer yes or no and, if you would like to share which models you have owned, please share in the comments.
  3. Norb-TX

    Land Rover feeling the Heat?

    I just got a fancy brochure in the mail from Land Rover for the Defender. Timing a coincidence? Anyway, with IA just importing 5000 a year, I doubt LR thinks they are in much trouble.
  4. 1991 Land Rover 90 Van with windows Diesel 2.5NA

    For sale 1991 Land Rover 90 Van with windows Diesel 2.5NA

    Originally bought in late 2014 for my son to learn to drive in. (That went well, he still cannot drive and does not seem too fussed to learn). After some pre-MOT work showed that the bulkhead was mainly filler and cardboard, the vehicle was taken off the road for a heavy sort out. After many...
  5. SirJimR

    Looks like JLR are worried - "commercial version" of the Defender coming in 2024

    New variants including a "commecial" version coming in the 2024 Defender lineup. Looks like the "commercial" one will still attract LCT and is stupidly priced at $110,000 before onroads. Article:
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