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  1. LWA55DAL

    Interior Panel Clips - Part number or Cross Reference

    Curious if anyone has found a part number or comparable replacement to the trim panel clips for the IG? I had to pull the B-pillar panel and despite being VER careful and using a trim panel tool, I broke 2 of them. Here are a couple pictures of the clips. Any help would be appreciated as the...
  2. outono

    Interior plastic peeling off the transmission tunnel

    So this is a new one. Got into the vehicle this morning and saw this. Truck was parked outside, but the highest temperature all day was around 78F, hardly what I would consider hot... Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Shaheens

    The perfect Cargo Shelf + Tailgate Table

    Hello, I installed the following items from Bison Gear, the quality is great, very good price and easy to install 👍🏻 - Side table / Tailgate Table (the best part you don’t have to remove the original door cover and worry where to put the first aid kit). - Roof Shelf / Cargo Shelf - Folding...
  4. S

    Interior door locks won’t lock

    I can’t lock my doors without the key fob. The interior door lock button won’t engage unless all the doors are shut and I’m inside. I have made sure all the passenger doors are slammed shut, and moved the lock plate on the rear door with the tire on it, from the right to the left to see if...
  5. G

    Interior Utility rail dimensions

    I am looking for the dimensions below if anyone has it please. L-track width, pitch and hole diameter. They are a number of different aftermarket sizes and pitches, so just want o to make sure I buy the correct one.
  6. G

    Retrofit Interior Utility rails

    Does anyone have a link to aftermarket L-track suppliers (Australia preferred). I've picked up from the different forum threads that you get different sizes and not sure which ones are compatible or rather the same size as what Ineos uses. I am in the process of purchasing a drawer system that...
  7. kxazmsettles1208

    Useless information

    Had a guy at Home Depot told me the touchscreen dash looks like the dash in a BMW i8. When I looked it up he was right. Just thought that was interesting. Have a wonderful evening everyone
  8. j3t3r

    Interior Utility Rail Compatibility

    Does anyone know if the Interior Utility Rail Belt is standard size and accepts normal SS Anchors? I already had some and didn't want to spend $60 to purchase from Ineos. It's just a single stud fitting SS-Anchor
  9. DaBull

    Wood & Other Interior Trim Options

    Starting this Post for Wood and Other Interior Trim Options. Saw this Youtube Video showing what may be upcoming Goose Gear Wood Trim Options. Looks nice! DaBull View:
  10. chrsbe

    Interior Lightning change to amber

    Does anyone have specs for the interior lighting? I am thinking about changing it to warmer amber lights.
  11. Christoph

    Local Area Thread Erfahrung mit

    Hi zusammen, hat jemand von Euch die Gummifußmatten (oder welche aus Teppich) von Sie bieten welche speziell passend für den Grenadier an, inkl. passendem Befestigungssystem: Viele Grüße und vielleicht treffe...
  12. tailgategear

    Hello from Tailgate Gear, vehicle storage solutions made in Italy

    Hello everyone, Quick note to introduce myself, Stefano, our company and supporting vendor, Tailgate Gear, and what we design and produce in the 4x4 interior gear space. In a nutshell: drawers, fridge modules and slides, pull-out kitchen and more for overlanders and weekend warriors. We have...
  13. Jean Mercier

    Some more dismounting (centre console/kick plates)

    I do not dismount only out of curiosity, I dismount things when I want to fix something (but my car has a warranty), or when I want to modify something. Bad luck, between yesterday and today, many hours spend, I burned an electric(onic)al component (not from the Grenadier) and a fuse (from the...
  14. C

    Interior light behavior Strange

    Hi All When the interior lights are set to on they all come on when any door is opened when set to off the rear load compartment and rear passenger lights come on when the rear doors are opened since when does OFF mean ON if I switch all lights to off they should all remain off and when set to...
  15. nuclearbeef

    Americas Can't make drive event. Which interior and color Should I get?

    So, I will be unable to see the different interiors and different colors in person before I order. I am leaning toward the utility interior. How did it seem in person? Is the leather objectively better, or is it just personal preference? I want a solid color. In order of preference based on...
  16. Tinki

    smokers package

    Hello everyone , While reading the forum now i just realised that i might have made a mistake while ordering. I am not a smoker. So when ticking though the option list , i ignored the smokers package . Now that i am thinking about it, does the smoker package include a cigarette lighter ( 12v )...
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