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  1. DaftClunk

    Goodbye '20 Defender 110 HSE; Hello IG TRIALMASTER...

    I'm 10 days into falling in love w/ my Trialmaster after breaking up w/ my '20 Defender 110 HSE. Defender Notes: -The Defender is a luxury SUV w/ a 4x4 package. Loved everyday I had her... EXCEPT! The early days in the shop when LR was still working through all the early model kinks, and the...
  2. lightning

    Grenadier/Wrangler/Defender test in serious mud

    All three vehicles performed very well but l think the two LWB live axle vehicles had it over the Defender. l assume the Defender was on the optional Goodyear Wrangler tyres. What it does show, is that the transmission settings are what can make or break your off road progress in these modern...
  3. Trialmaster

    CARWOW - Jeep v Defender v Grenadier

  4. J

    Classic Defender Comparison

    My first photo op with my Grenadier after taking delivery yesterday was a side by side with my ‘89 ? Defender 110 (black over red 2 door ragtop v8 4speed). A great redesign with all appropriate styling carried forward. My only whines; missing one pedal, and more electronics on the console...
  5. RickTok

    Grenadier imposter?

    Looks like this Defender 110 is trying to join the forum. Check out the plates......
  6. Krabby

    Developing a history (a very long post) PART 1

    This post has been in my head for a while but it path is a bit curvy - hopefully you'll be able to follow my thoughts and by the end of the post it will make sense. Likewise, it’s going to be extremely long but I truly hope people actually read until its conclusion. My plan is to break it into...
  7. D

    Hi guys all over the world! What a great 4x4, after the sad demise of the LR Defender!

    My son has just ordered the Grenadier Pick Up. He needs it for his work in the demolition of buildings. To me the Grenadier is a great concept. In the world of lots of Schicki Micki 4x4, wich can go very fast and have lots of unnecessary gadgets, the Grenadier is a 4x4 i would like to have! My...
  8. Beormund

    Top Grear BIG READS -Tough Mudder: will LR Defender owners welcome the new Ineos Grenadier? 19 OCT 2023

    And yet, while the move upmarket may make it an ideal SUV for most people, there are still a select few who just can’t get onboard. Some of those people might not want to get onboard, but others genuinely aren’t able to thanks to the price of entry (around £63,000 for a 110) and the treatment...
  9. Trialmaster

    The No1 Modification?

    How many times have you had to explain that your Grenadier is not a Land Rover? So, today along with the V, I treated the beast to this:
  10. MileHigh

    Grenadier Vs Defender 110 (+25yo) In the US

    As the IG gets more expensive and moves away from its ‘simplistic/non-electronic’ design ethos, I started wondering about where this all started- with a 1992(3?) NAS 110. Late 90s Defenders are getting eligible for the 25 year old exemption for import. I know some people have been doing that...
  11. DCPU

    Old Defender Recall - the front stabilizer does not meet specifications

    Edit: This only applies to Works V8 editions. I know a few of us on here also run late model old Defenders, so this should be of interest:
  12. 1991 Land Rover 90 Van with windows Diesel 2.5NA

    For sale 1991 Land Rover 90 Van with windows Diesel 2.5NA

    Originally bought in late 2014 for my son to learn to drive in. (That went well, he still cannot drive and does not seem too fussed to learn). After some pre-MOT work showed that the bulkhead was mainly filler and cardboard, the vehicle was taken off the road for a heavy sort out. After many...
  13. Stu_Barnes

    Comparison (2023 Grenadier v 2023 Defender 110)

    We certainly embrace change; however, we also believe that in some instances, the old-school way is the way to go. This also seems to be the vision of Sir Jim Radcliffe – the man behind the incredibly appealing and nostalgic Ineos Grenadier. This isn’t often mentioned, but the Ineos Grenadier...
  14. RYAustralia

    Aussie Scotsman ex defender owner

    Hey fellow grenadiers. It’s a hello from North Australia - previously was bumbling around NZ, and originally from Scotland. Old school land rover owner in past but looking forward to my Grenadier arriving - currently it’s on a boat going the very long way home from France to Oz. We’re already...
  15. DCPU

    Old Defender vs Ineos Grenadier

    Just a few photos taken today as the old one moves out and the new one gets the prime parking spot...
  16. Frosty

    Defender/Grenadier Wave

    Been waved at by 2 Defender drivers - love it!!! We should all return the affection - but ONLY to the real Defenders. Post your interactions here xx
  17. Wayneos

    3rd party Videos Defender Trophy - Limpopo 2023

    Just noticed this from our SA friends, obviously for LR owners but there is one Grenadier in the mix. Seems to be several vids. Nix this if it's already been posted Stu. View:
  18. Flewks

    Anyone fancy a £230k new Defender? Crazy money 😜
  19. Logsplitter

    3rd party Videos Defender v Grenadier

    This is good View:
  20. JohnHeagney

    My Grenadier handed over today!

    I am delighted to say that this morning I took delivery of my long awaited Grenadier! Huge thanks to Luke and all the team at Denton Motors, Skipton who have been superb throughout the process. The photo taken outside Denton Motors features my Defender TD5 and my Grenadier, the former will be...
  21. SirJimR

    Looks like JLR are worried - "commercial version" of the Defender coming in 2024

    New variants including a "commecial" version coming in the 2024 Defender lineup. Looks like the "commercial" one will still attract LCT and is stupidly priced at $110,000 before onroads. Article:
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