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  1. P

    Australasia QLD dealers

    Anyone have any positive feedback on the QLD dealers? I have contacted SLRV / Expedition HQ twice now via email over the last few days without response. Maybe I am expecting too much but I would have thought a reply of some sort would be forthcoming. Their opening hours stated on google maps...
  2. R

    Americas Ask the Dealer - Rusnak INEOS Grenadier Los Angeles

    Hello Forum, Below are a few updates on our earliest arriving vehicles. We know many of you placed orders years ago and are patiently waiting to pick up your Grenadier. Vehicles - we are expecting to receive around 40 vehicles between now and the end of the year with the majority coming in...
  3. AngusMacG

    Americas KO Ineos - Framingham MA

    I drove over to KO Ineos in Framingham yesterday. No vehicles there at all. The 2 demos they have go home with the current management. I may try to schedule another test drive and ask them about getting on this forum. I'd like to see better communication from them (as I have noted in other...
  4. R

    Hello Grenadier Forum!

    Hello Forum! We're excited to be one of your SoCal dealers. The Rusnak group has been around 60 years, and there hasn't been this level of excitement for a new vehicle in a long time. We've already met a lot of our local pre-order clients, but if not, don't hesitate to reach out or stop by...
  5. P

    currently there are 20 dealers in the USA

    Currently there 2o dealers in the USA
  6. Kelly Elise

    Hello from Kuhn IG, Redwood City, CA

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and our new dealership, Kuhn Ineos Grenadier! This is an exciting moment for us, and we can't wait to serve the San Francisco Bay/Northern California community and surrounding areas. If we are your IG dealer you’ve likely...
  7. G

    Americas List of USA east dealers with no mark up/add ons

    Once the official dealer network locations are announced, this is a place to post confirmation evidence from dealers' sales teams in writing (not generic hearsay or no names dealerships) that there will be no mark ups from MSRP. These mark ups include market adjustment BS, and tacky dealer add...
  8. K

    Americas Heads up - Important info on USA ordering process if you want to change your configuration , change dealers

    After looking at some real life additional photos of grenadier from the (UK auto trade web site), I decided I wanted to change my preorder that I had locked in. 1. Change my color from silver to grey. 2. Deleted the full length roof rack.( I might go with the full length frontrunner and...
  9. H

    Americas What are you actually going to visit the dealer for?

    So I started to put in my order, and entered my address for my dealer "selection" and it seems like instead of Denver they're choosing Colorado Springs. 1:30 drive, which isn't ideal. But I then started to think about what I would actually have to go to the dealer for. Obviously the initial pick...
  10. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas If my dealer is far away, who can service my vehicle so that my warranty remains intact?

    If my dealer is far away, who can service my vehicle so that my warranty remains intact?
  11. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will we get a choice of dealer?

    Will we get a choice of dealer?
  12. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas When will dealers be announced?

    When will dealers be announced?
  13. YellowLab

    Americas Dealerships

    Very much looking forward to placing my order in June for the US - but do have some fears. If vehicles ordered in June will arrive in late 4Q '23 - concerned with the dealer network and servicing. Living in SoCal - it's not so much the distance as much as the sheer hell driving to a dealer...
  14. MileHigh

    Europe Munich?

    On a business trip but staying in Munich this weekend. Is there a dealer in Munich with a production IG on display? I’m staying downtown.
  15. DCPU

    Door ‘closed’ to new dealers at Ineos Automotive as firm begins roll-out of Grenadier

    Sales and marketing boss Gary Pearson speaks exclusively to Car Dealer about brand’s plans Some interesting snippets of info in there: "Residual values for models...
  16. H

    Americas Canada Dealer Prospects

    Do we have any guesses which existing companies will be partnering with IA as dealers in the cities they’ve indicated? Curious to speculate on what shops in say Vancouver would be considered up to snuff.
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