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  1. hclark

    Auxiliary battery and fridge

    I am picking up a new Fieldmaster in a couple of weeks. It has the auxiliary batter. I’m looking to add a fridge/freezer (Dometic CFX3) in the boot on a slider. Does anyone know if you can attach the unit to the aux battery or do you just use the cigarette lighter socket in the boot? Apologies...
  2. Shaheens

    Auxiliary Battery setup components

    I got my Fieldmaster without the Auxiliary Battery and now I regret that. Is it easy to add that now? What components I need to buy?
  3. O

    Auxiliary Switches Max Watts?

    Looking at wiring two 80W each ARB lights on the front bumper to either switch Ext 1(10amp) or Ext 8 (25amp). My question doing the Amp to Watts conversion is, are the switches connected to 12volt or 24volt? If 12v I think I would need to connect to Ext 8 to because I think the lights would...
  4. BigJock2024

    Auxiliary Battery

    I am looking at two models right now... yes, I am approaching "buy mode" very cautiously, still not happy with the price. Can anyone give me an opinion on whether the price difference (around £4.5k) is justified for a factory-fitted winch and auxiliary battery, rather than choosing and fitting...
  5. Top Cat

    Fuel tank auxiliary

    Brown Davis in Australia has released the auxiliary fuel tank that will go across the rear of the vehicle. its around AUD$1,900 plus around 6 hours to fit. It is well built and if you follow the thread you can see about 15 photos of the fitting (bash plate goes back on)...
  6. BenTN

    Auxiliary Lights in the Grill - High Power LED light upgrade without any cutting

    Like many others I was disappointed in the stock aux. lights in the grill of my Grenadier. I'm sure there were various regulations that limited what could legally be mounted there from the factory, but the light output is just pointless. I don't think I would ever use them, especially with the...
  7. GrenX

    GrenX Ineos Grenadier 68L Auxiliary Fuel Sub Tank Brown Davis

    Sharing an update on development of the auxiliary fuel tank for the Ineos Grenadier. Here is the 2nd iteration prototype being test fitted before the final design is set. 68L GrenX
  8. T

    Auxiliary Driving Light Switch

    Hi All, There is a push button control on the over head console to enable and disable the two centre driving lights. When enabled they operate with the high beams. Why does this switch exist? Has anyone ever found a case when they would rather not have the aux driving lights enabled? I'm sure...
  9. P

    Factory fitted auxiliary battery in the trialmaster

    I’m due to take delivery of my trialmaster in the next few weeks and was wondering whether anyone can advise what outlets the auxiliary battery fitted as standard in the trialmaster provides power to, if at all?
  10. Clark Kent

    ARB Base Rack Auxiliary LED Lights

    Picked up a set of these ARB Base Rack Auxiliary lights. The U bracket of the supplied mount sits nicely under the upper screw for the grab rail. I put one on each side. ARB
  11. G

    Auxiliary battery retrofit in UK?

    Is there anyone in the UK South West region (Bath preferably) who can supply and fit an auxiliary battery set up with the ability to charge from solar as well as from the vehicle’s own system? I use a Bluetti power station for 240v AC requirements, but would prefer to leave it at home when not...
  12. E

    Where is the front auxiliary power point?

    Am I correct that there is a power supply point under the bonnet with a switch on the overhead panel? Is so, where do I find it?
  13. N

    The auxiliary power outlets

  14. Tom109

    Auxiliary LEDs - Lightbars, Lights, Pods

    I have never owned auxiliary LEDs. Instead, my experience has been with the likes of bumper-mounted Hella 4000's, IPF 900's, or roof-rack-mounted Hella 500's. I've ordered the full Rhino rack but no the factory lightbar. My plan is to install my own roof lighting, and probably in the old school...
  15. Jean Mercier

    removal of side panels driver side and using the auxiliary power point

    I still don’t understand why Ineos gives me a lot of useless switches on my roof panel without any explanation. Therefore, and thanks to this forum my next DIY post (DIY: Do It Yourself), and I didn’t find on this forum somebody who already did it, but perhaps I am wrong … I dismounted the...
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