Trade in process?

Hello Grenadier Friends!

I was curious if anyone had any idea about how one would trade in a vehicle when purchasing the Grenadier, as it’s not going through a dealership like we would normally do here in the US. Anyone have any thoughts or insights about this? Thanks in advance!


Grenadier Ordered
Thoughts: Perhaps they will found sth. like an "Ineos Automotive Recycling Ltd." or so. The dealership makes some photos, collects the data of your car and later you get an offer from the Ltd  and have to bring in the car.

Just one of many ways to do that.


Founding Guard
If you are in the USA, Ineos will be going through a dealer network.  I assume the dealer would take your car in as a trade.  


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Second what @ADVAW8S says about the dealership.  And is the US there's always CarMAX, which I generally use to baseline my trade-in value before going to the dealer that I'm purchasing from.  Note that getting the dealer you purchase from to use your vehicle as trade-in at the same value as the CarMAX purchase prices is a win for you because the trade-in value is subtracted from the selling price when calculating sales tax.