reversing sensors and 'kill switch'


Looking forward to release of more details but does anyone have knowledge - will reversing sensors be fitted
and ability to install 'killswitch' to help protect my pride and joy from the thieving people out there ?


I quite often use a hitch mounted bike rack which 'set off' the reversing sensors anytime I back up.  Assuming there are 4 sensors, I would love to be able to turn off the inner 2 sensors, and leave the outer 2 active.  Not critical, but it's one of those features that turn a ho-hum ownership experience into a much more satisfying experience.


Founding Guard
I imagine a fuse pull will deactivate any sensors, if there are any. I don't know what the legal requirements are around the world; I know it will have to have a backup camera (mandated by law in North America) but I do not believe it will have to have sensors. I would bet that if it doesn't require it to be sold, it won't have it (based on the design philosophy we are seeing so far). If it does have it, it will be simple to disable.

A kill switch will be easy to mount. You can do one right on your battery post for about $10, and that will work on any car (even modern ones).