Is there any way to view a pre production prototype in the US this summer?

Are there any planned events in the US this year that one could view a Grenadier? Car shows? Auto events?

I have seen a few videos of them in the US and was wondering if there is any on display? Might have to talk to the wife into going to see a "museum" in the same city. "oh look honey... a neat truck over there." haha. 

Thank you.


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Not sure exactly, but id imagine from July onwards, a few of the production prototypes will be shipped to the USA and Canada to stir up some publicity


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Yes. I do believe they are planning to bring finished Grenadiers to the US for a drive in tour later this year. At least according to their NA CEO Greg Clark
I heard the same as @Paachi on the 2B prototype tour.  CEO Greg Clark also said they plan to have a production Grenadier on display at some of the Adventure 4x4 shows over the summer.  He said Bend , OR and -I don't remember the location - Colorado and east of the Mississippi I lost interest in.   I almost forgot, they also plan to do proper test drives.?   If you're on the mailing list you should receive an invitation. 
Would love to see one in real life in the States yes. I was two hours from the factory in France a few weeks ago, tried to get an appointment for factory tour or at least see the truck, no go and received  a very short response. Disappointed naturally.
I have not been able to find any videos or any automotive journalist reviews of the IG in normal daily use. Plenty of off road stuff but how about how the truck is to live with in an urban environment? What's it like for daily commuting, picking up kids or grandma and how about those bulky child seats, how easy is it to get a 3 year old in and out of the child seat etc. How about road noise at highway speed with those large tread tires, how's the turning circle at the local supermarket and ease of  parking and backing up etc? Also how practical really is the small rear door for grocery shopping for example, seems awful narrow for real world every day use? Many of us won't drive the Grenadier much or at all  off road so it's an important evaluation. I asked Inoes, they responded "watch the videos and the truck has great features" 


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You are right. till now there are no independent onroad tests. The reason might be that till now there seem to be only prototypes in use which can only be drive by offical test drivers of Ineos. Important is that the homologation has to be fixed before the 6th of july. Because from this date on new cars have to have these assstant systems mandatory in EU:
Driving assistance systems - mandatory from 6 July 2022

From 6 July 2022, an EU regulation will apply that makes driver assistance systems mandatory in all new vehicles: "Regulation concerning the type-approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, and of systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles with regard to their general safety and the protection of the occupants and vulnerable road users".

In other words, it is about safety features that are part of the standard equipment when buying a car at an extra cost. Without these assistance systems, there is no type approval in the EU.

The reason for this regulation is, among other things, the desire for fewer traffic accidents and more safety in road traffic.

From 2022, this will initially apply to all newly developed vehicles, and from 2024, all new cars must be equipped with the additional systems.
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for more infos look at: and translate if necessary

I guess that quickly after the 6th og July we will either have first onroad tests or a desaster...
To anyone in the PNW:
I Emailed INEOS last week asking if they plan to have a Grenadier at the Outdoor Expo in Bend, OR in about 2 weeks time.  I don't have an answer yet but when I do I'll post it here.  It would help our cause if others inquired about their regional events to let INEOS there's a groundswell of interest here.
The numbers aren't as large as other markets, but there is active interest.  
Ineos could use a better communications department, replies are slow in coming and don't often address the actual questions being asked.