Toronto Prototype Tour - Info for Canada/USA markets


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I attended the Prototype Tour stop in Toronto on June 1st.

I was really trying to find faults that would justify cancelling my order, but couldn't find any deal breaker. I'm actually more keen than ever to get one, if only for a couple years until the long wheelbase wagon shows up.

Here are some tidbits, in no particular order:

**Note that all this info could change/evolve in the next few months**

Next steps:
- The Grenadier Prototype Tour will eventually go to Montreal, and maybe Eastern Canada after the current planned stops
- A second tour will take place in the fall, this time allowing people to actually drive the Grenadier on and off road
- Sale price, full specs and options will be known late in 2022
- Price will be impacted by currency conversion, inflation and supply chain costs
- Orders to be confirmed early in 2023, with delivery expected in summer 2023

Reservations stats:
- Reservations in Canada have surpassed previsions, both in raw numbers and as a ratio of US market
- USA reservations are in-line with expectations

Canadian dealerships:
- Physical dealerships planned for Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal
- Eastern Canada will have service centres, but probably no dealerships
- List will be communicated early 2023

- Grenadier Station Wagon to come to Canada/USA in 2023
- Various scenarios for hybrid Grenadier, including hydrogen, but no all-electric version planned
- Next up is an all-electric vehicle that will still be off-road capable (2023 in Europe/Australia, a year later in North America?)
- A pickup and a station wagon on a stretched wheelbase will show up after that (2024 in Europe/Australia, a year later in North America?)
- Pickup will be sold in Canada (no chicken tax), but may not be sold in USA
- Long wheelbase Station Wagon with 3-row seating (6 or 7 passengers) will be sold in Canada and USA

- National regulations limit what a manufacturer can/could provide in terms of off-road modifications
- 35" tires might only show up in specific markets, and/or depending on pedestrian protection regulations
- Look for aftermarket suppliers to provide suspension lifts, bigger tires, and some accessories as they don't have to conform to OEM regulations
- No diesel engine for North America
- North America fuel tank size will be closer to 100 litres/26 US gallons
- Headroom, legroom, ergonomics and sight lines work well for all sizes
- As a 6'5" driver, I have enough room in the front, and would tightly fit behind myself in the rear seat
- Because of different pedestrian crash protection regulation, North America's fenders will allow for someone to sit on them

- Canadian bumper to bumper warranty: 5 years / 100,000 km
- USA bumper to bumper warranty 5 years / unlimited mileage
- 12 year warranty for corrosion
- All factory ordered options included in the bumper to bumper warranty, including the winch


Great job! Thank you. I am also interested in the hydrogen version. The first prototype test is planned in autum this year in europe.

Triple Seven

Thanks for the update.

I just got invited to Calgary on June 8 and Vancouver on June 14… Unfortunately, I live on the East Coast, and while I wasn’t expecting an East coast tour at this time, I work as an airline pilot based in Toronto and I’m physically in Toronto, numerous times every month… Unfortunately, I didn’t  get a Toronto invitation.

For those who are unfamiliar with Canadian geography, my “Invitation” is the rough equivalent of living in Boston, and getting passed over for a tour in New York, whilst getting invited to the Denver or San Francisco tour instead… Go figure!


Grenadier Ordered
Call them and ask for an invitation to Toronto. Most probably you will get one. Was the same with me, got an invitation for Germany, but lived in Austria at that time. They changed it very quick.


Grenadier Ordered

"as a 6'5" driver....."

Thank you for that info on the driver's and on the back seat behind a 6'5 driver. I am 6'5 as well and placed my res based on guesstimates for space. While I do not ride in the back (driver or shotgun only) I do feel for the person who ends up behind me with my seat all the way back.

I get so frustrated by reviewers who discuss space but do not tell us their own size for reference. I like to say "I am not tall enough to make money but it sure does cost me extra everywhere else."

Thanks for the review!