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  1. silvester3

    Safari window temporary sun shades

    As it starts to heat up in Texas, I was looking for some temporary safari window sun shades before I go get them tinted or buy some proper fitted versions. Found these on Amazon. Not a perfect fit, but close enough to be effective… for $9 a pair. Hope that helps. Ian...
  2. DaBull


    I Just received my Grenadier back from Wrap Labs in Westlake, California. Prior to installing my low profile 3/4 Leitner Designs Roof Rack I wanted to get the roof wrapped as I live at the coast and it will not be easy to wash under it. I also had an experience of over using the window washing...
  3. OverlandGearGuy

    Overland gear guy - Spring Sale Safari Window Covers and Screens, Under Seat Storage Bags...

    This weekend only 15% off selected items - use discount code Spring2024 Safari Window Covers insulated and Non insulated Safari Window Screens
  4. R

    Cargo area window leak

    Someone had mentioned this on one of the calls, but hadn't experienced it until today. Small leak that went down the inside of the passenger side cargo area window. Went the whole height, didn't get a pic. Nothing seems wet in the cargo area, but could be behind the trim panels. Interior...
  5. R

    Australasia Dismantling the safari window internal trim

    Hi folks, Does anyone have any info on how to remove the lower internal plastic trim for the safari windows? I am trying to get them off to access the cavity above the roof liner. I also want to see if there is any water damage up there from leaking safari window seals. TIA
  6. Eric

    Passenger Window Lifter

    Discovered that the passenger side electric window lifter doesn't work. It operates from the drivers side so there is power to the lifter. So I'm guessing a) it is a duff switch or b) they didn't connect it during build.
  7. emax

    Steamy Window

    No, I do not mean the song from Tina Turner. Today, during a one hour drive in the rain, my left door window (driver's side) got fogged up, while the right (passenger's side) remained clear. We were two people - driver and passenger - and I had to push the window defroster button (blower)...
  8. YellowLab

    Americas Safari Window Sun Shades Shades

    Have a set of Safari Window sunshades ordered from Australia specific for the Grenadier. They were purchased from this distributor - reflective on one side and attached with suction cups to attache on the other - very well made...
  9. beanohallett

    Rear Side window leak

    Afternoon Folks, Has anyone else experienced leaks from the rear side windows? a photo of mine this morning, slightly irritating !
  10. ddv

    Rear window protection

    I’ve been talking with the owner of PLASWELD, an Australian company, who makes rear window protectors. These are particularly useful if you are towing, especially if towing off road. I am providing my Grenadier for him to make templates. If he sees some level of interest in these for the...
  11. Barney

    fresh air window grille

    Hello everyone, has anyone of you already found a supplier who manufactures and sells window ventilation grilles for the Grenadier?
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