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  1. Marco De Santis

    Water slushing around the rear boot

    Hi Anyone had the problem of "running water" in the rear of the car? I'll explain better, every time I make a thigh corner or a roundabout, i can ear water slushing around from the rear of the car, like having a bath tub in the rear boot. I've seen all around the car an underneath without...
  2. Marco De Santis

    Water inside the rear part of the car

    Anyone have noticed the presence of "running water" inside the rear part of the car? I'll explain better, every time I make a tight turn or a roundabout I ear water slushing around from the rear of the car, like having a bath tub underneath the rear floor of the bonnet. I have watched the car...
  3. D

    Water Leaking from overhead console

    Anybody else heard of this happening? Rained last night. Get in this morning and as soon as the vehicle moved water came dripping out of the driver side interior light switch on the overhead console. Checked the aux power cover in the center of the roof or whatever that plastic cap is and it...
  4. TheDocAUS

    Filter for Diesel water separator – INEOS Part No: GRA3E12019770

    The Diesel water separator is standard on the AU Spec Diesel engines but optional in some other countries. The second fuel filter is not fitted to petrol motors. AU SPEC DIESEL – REAR FUEL FILTER IS THE ONE TO CHANGE This AU Spec Diesel is fitted with two fuel filters. The Diesel water...
  5. LeeroyJ

    Air intake water intake

    Owl Vans has my IG right now and posted this video today concerning water getting into the raised air intake from rain. I'll be drilling a hole in mine. ]View:
  6. Bison-Gear

    Bison Gear - 4x4 & Overlanding Accessories

    We're Bison Gear, and our mission is to provide you with the absolute best gear for your next thrilling journey. 🏞 Currently, our focus is on the remarkable INEOS Grenadier, recognized as the ultimate platform for overlanders. First top-notch products are already out in the market, specially...
  7. Jean Mercier

    Water pond under jack

    Some months ago I discovered a water pond under my jack at this place: The cavity only gets about half a centimeter water height and “only while driving in the rain”, well, that’s...
  8. Augustin

    Problems with air conditioning, water

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it fits in here (otherwise please move or delete my post), but I have problems with the air conditioning. It started in the summer with rainwater flowing into the car. Attached is a video taken while driving in the rain. Water was running into the passenger's...
  9. Barney

    Water canister

    Hello global Grenadiers, I am interested in finding a good solution for attaching a water canister (not a large tank) in the car. The canister should be removable, hold approx. 20 liters and should have a water hose and tap. There is a canister from Frontrunner that I like. And a bracket that I...
  10. ECrider

    Water ingress RHS rear foot well

    Have standing water in the RHS rear footwell. (UK rhd vehicle). A few mill on the mat and also under mat. Also a few spots in the door pocket. Trying to trace source but thought I'd check on here to see if anyone has had similar? Photos to follow.
  11. Solmanic

    Water ponding on roof

    I’m not sure if this is going to be a problem but it’s not ideal… It seems the cross beam in the roof creates a not insignificant water trap on the roof. On flat ground, the slight downward slant means the center sections of the roof retain pools of water. If it’s not blown off driving then it...
  12. DCPU

    Water Leak - Large Rear Door

    So back on my pre-PDI inspection, I noticed a dribble of water down the inside face of the large rear door: Today, I opened the door and noticed the same pattern: Tracking it back up...
  13. Barttraeger

    Rain water pooling under drivers door seal.

    Does anyone else have the issue that rain water collects under the seal of the driver’s door so that a mini flood onto the road happens when the door gets opened? As far as I an see there is no water inside the vehicle so it is obviously outside the sealed area. Not a major issue and I have got...
  14. Jean Mercier

    water leak at Safari Roof

    As mentioned before in some other threads, I have a water infiltration in my car. As my garage didn't find it yet, and as I picked up my car last week, I tried to find it myself! I am sometimes wondering if my Grenadier is a refurbished Land Rover Defender! :unsure: :eek::mad: How did I do? •...
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