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  1. FS: OEM 17" Steelies, Bridgestones, and TPMS - Set of 4

    For sale FS: OEM 17" Steelies, Bridgestones, and TPMS - Set of 4

    Set of 4 OEM 17" steel wheels with OEM Bridgestone tires, approximately 2,800 miles on them, have the factory TPMS sensors still installed (and I can provide the hex ID's to have them programmed at a dealer). $400obo For pick up in Hanover, MD 21076
  2. roverso

    TPMS not reading correct pressure

    Kept getting a high tire pressure warning even when I set my tires at lower pressures. So I then checked what pressures the car was reading vs two different tire gauges and the car is actually reading the tire pressure about 4psi higher than the gauges. Tried the reset function, but it didn't...
  3. B


    Those of us towing heavy with high towball download will generally need 50+ psi in their rear tyres to avoid over heating (outside the EU perhaps). The TPMS will only allow 49psi max cold to be set and in a warm to hot climate it does not take long for the high pressure alarm on the rear axle...
  4. M

    TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Technical Data

    Here we go again for Europe TPMS Sensors: Frequency: 433MHz Manufacturer: Continental Model: TIS-09DL OEM Number: 407006UA0A/4031100Q0F FCC ID: KR5TIS-09DL Links: FCC ID FCC Report (very detailed Data) Maybe someone wants to download and save all the PDFs for backup..
  5. Aussie Battler

    Australasia TPMS and sand

    I was wondering what happens when tyres are deflated for sand driving , does the monitor start nagging you or can you switch it off
  6. Dieter

    What is the exact procedure to train/learn/register new TPMS sensors to the Grenadier?

    I've bought a new set of already programmed TPMS sensors specifically for the Grenadier. But my tire dealer was not able to register those new TPMS to the Grenadier. So I'm looking for the recommended procedure for the Grenadier. I can't find any information on how to do this correctly.
  7. S

    Successful wheel swap/TPMMS issues

    Way to go INEOS forum! Barely 24 hours after posting yesterday, another Enos forum member and myself have made A successful swap of alloy wheels for steel wheels. All was well for the first 10 miles and then we both got a TPMS error message “Tyre pressure sensor lost” and a yellow warning...
  8. F

    Are there issues with the TPMS or can I go ahead and order replacement wheels?

    As the question states are there issues with the TPMS? I knew there was in the past but wasn’t sure if it was fixed with the software update.
  9. Traveling Marvin

    TPMS - The Quest for a second set of tyres/rims/sensors - Technical

    I know that the TPMS system is discussed in various threads, and I hope I have read most of them. But there was no conclusion. I finally decided to postpone the order of new Ineos steel rims + sensors for my winter tyres since (and change tires on my existing rims instead) since ... INEOS...
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