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  1. Asjtex

    Upgrade Tires and Roof Rack

    For those who care, I put on the BFG 295/70R17 Mt Ta Km3, No rubbing, quiet, steers perfect and the rear door opens! Today I’ll be putting on my Front Runner full roof rack. The slats run horizontally (as opposed to the Ineos rack) allowing me to space them out over the sky hatchs and still...
  2. O

    Reverse Installation of BFG Tires (Info)

    I contacted BF Goodrich to make sure that the tread on their All Terrain T/A KO2 is NOT ‘directional’, so that I could have them mounted with the white lettering side facing inward. Here is part of the reply I received: “Hello, Bill. Thank you for contacting Consumer Care. My name is Ian. I...
  3. T

    33" Tires on 18" wheels

    Anyone put on 33"s on 18" wheel? All I am seeing in the threads is 33" on 17" wheels?
  4. Texas Grenadier

    Upgrading Wheels and Tires and the Ratings of C, D and E

    I'm am upgrading my 18" alloys for new wheels and 285/70/17 tires. What tire rating can i get away with for city driving with the occasional off road park driving and hunting? Can i get a C rated tire and be fine? OR, do i need a minimum of D from the get go. I don't want a super stiff...
  5. F

    E rated tires for it's weight?

    I'm looking at the Mickey Thompson Baha Boss tires 285/70/17 size. They have two versions, the STD which is 48lbs and the E rated that's 63lbs. Are the KO2s that come on it E rated? What weight are people going for?
  6. Krabby

    Local Area Thread BFG take off interest?

    I plan to get different tires for my TM upon arrival and am curious if anyone here might be interested in the stock BFGs. I’m just floating this out there. Right now I’m leaning towards Method wheels, maybe the 706. Not sure though. Without doing any price shopping and just hitting TireRack 5...
  7. Krabby

    Wheel/Tire Upgrade Photos

    I would like to begin this thread to help me, and hopefully others, as I decide to figure out the aftermarket wheel situation. So this is what I ask: 1 - Please post a few photos of your wheel and tire setup 2 - Identify the make and size of the wheel including the offset (if possible) 3 -...
  8. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will the spare tyre be a full 5th rim matching the other 4 or a steel one?

    Will the spare tyre be a full 5th rim matching the other 4 or a steel one?
  9. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will there be a lifted or larger tyre option for NA?

    Will there be al lifted or larger tyre option for NA?
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