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  1. bigleonski

    Time and the woke against us…..

    For discussion - 4wd soon to be extinct??
  2. Shopkeep

    Used in anger for first time...

    Had my Gren for just over a week now, took it off road for the first time today. Trip to Lerderderg 4WD Training Park in Vic, cracking place to try it out. Bone dry in most parts (a couple of ruts on shaded tracks still held water). Mostly dry dirt, fine dust and loose rocks. All I can say...
  3. Top Cat

    Delivery time has arrived!

    Well, finally took my delivery of my Trialmaster! A huge thank you to Paul and Renee from Adelaide Hills Motor Group who have grimly stuck at it with Ineos to support their customers. I had a good look at the roof rack on offer and decided against it due to the weight and bulk of it. I went...
  4. Forced induction

    Greets from Dublin, flying back to test the gren at the weekend , last test was a month ago , the petrol M68 .this time it’s the diesel .

    In no hurry to buy at the moment , look forwards to seeing how the aftermarket progresses , my ex military defender is getting a bit creaky and the 6x6 8x8 and tracked stuff is now all sold off , so it certainly is time! Been following along the INEAOS trail for a couple of years and impressed...
  5. S

    Clock is wrong if set to automatic mode?! T

    Hi, Just found clock in the infotainment system was set on manual mode. Now I set it to automatic mode and the system sets it wrong by 1hour. GMT is set right (GMT+1) and even if would be wrong I can’t change it. Daylight saving (Sommerzeit) is also turned on. So normally I should have the...
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