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  1. grnamin

    Toggle switch stickers

    Got these toggle switch labels from Stickerfab...
  2. Woody89

    Hi load switch panel

    Hi I’m trying to establish if my grenadier has got the wires already in place for the hi load switch panel. As I did not order it from the factory (mistake didn’t think i would need it) Could anyone with a hi load panel see if there’s looks like the picture below Cheers James
  3. C

    General Kickdown Switch

    Just realised my Gren has a “kickdown switch” (had to google that term). Took me a few months and 5000km to realise. I have not owned a vehicle with this before. I wonder how many others are unaware.
  4. AaronS

    Overhead switch console... anyone opened it up yet?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed... I could not find it. Specifically interested in the middle part, that says Grenadier, of the overhead switch panel ... before I start pulling it all apart, has anyone already done it?
  5. Roach

    Local Area Thread Recall: Wiring issue, Aux switch

    FYI Ineos Automotive Americas, LLC (Ineos) is recalling certain 2024 Grenadier vehicles equipped with the auxiliary switch package relay. The relay control wire may have been trapped under the relay power cable connection fastener...
  6. M

    PWR Switch

    What does the PWR switch operate?
  7. T

    Auxiliary Driving Light Switch

    Hi All, There is a push button control on the over head console to enable and disable the two centre driving lights. When enabled they operate with the high beams. Why does this switch exist? Has anyone ever found a case when they would rather not have the aux driving lights enabled? I'm sure...
  8. Tinki

    overhead paddle switch identification

    Hello Guys . Anyone found out what brand or even better where to get ( other than the dealer ) the overhead paddle switches? I found a compnay that can professionally print on them and i am looking for one to send as a prototype . Usually should be able to get just the paddle bit alone not...
  9. Pat-Ard

    Adding a Garmin Power Switch

    Hi folks, in addition to the Overhead Switches I planned adding a Garmin Power Switch. But now I stumbled across a warning in the manual: Does this mean that an installation is not recommended because of the installed Smart Pass? Best Patrick
  10. C

    Different roof switch boxes LHS and RHS

    I don't suppose this matters at all but has anyone noticed that the electrical outlets on the roof are to the rear of the handles on the drivers side and towards the front on the passenger side RHD. wonder if its opposite on the LHD version.
  11. McPharmer II

    Battery switch what for?

    If this question is already answered in another thread, I'm sorry. But my search was unsuccessful. What does this switch exactly?
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