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  1. DaveB

    Press Kit

    There are some interesting snips in the press kit Different markets getting different versions
  2. Arkaig

    Motor1 Italia - video review (Italy)

    Remember when the old Defender, later replaced by the current model, went out of production? Lo and behold, not everyone took it well, including Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the No. 1 of Ineos Industries who, as an off-road enthusiast, decided to design one tailored to his needs. Vi ricordate quando uscì...
  3. inky_black


    Hi all, I am posting the Grenadier Press Pack which I found in the public press section of the official Ineos Grenadier website. Have fun with the Press Pack. Attached is also the link to the press realeases of EXPEDITION 1.0: EXPEDITION 1.0 The press packs in other languages and further...
  4. Wayneos Review (Australia)

    What's old is new again. Ineos is an all-new brand, and its first model is an unashamed four-wheel drive that focuses on practicality, capability and durability. But does it stack up as a proper contender?
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