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  1. LeeroyJ

    NATO plug to Anderson Plug

    I bought the NATO plug from Agile Offroad and plan to wire it to an Anderson plug to charge my trailer batteries when on long trips or when off grid and no sun for the Solar. I’m unclear on how to connect the wire to the terminals inside the plug and hoping that someone here might know (Agile...
  2. grnamin

    Have you opened your NATO plug cap?

    Have you opened your cap? Any special way to do it? Mine won't budge. I don't know of a strap wrench would be of use due to the metal flange that wraps around the cap. Any ideas?
  3. Aussie Battler

    Australasia euro plug

    I have been chasing the connectors for the 13 pin socket on my wagon with no luck , I contacted deutscher but the dont have them but wish they did as they get about 3 calls a week ,they suggested I contact mouser or digi-key bt no luck there either . Has anybody tracked them down ?
  4. MNV

    Roof plug issues

    Has anyone had issues with there being no power to the roof plugs (ext2/3) switches? There’s nothing there with appropriate switches on and lights plugged or via a multimeter. Thanks In anticipation!
  5. E

    Has anyone installed an Anderson plug from the starter battery to the rear?

    If anyone has installed an Anderson plug from the starter battery to the rear, can you please share how you went about this with pics? I'm looking to do the same. Regards.
  6. F

    What are the options for the Nato plug in the back?

    besides the portable winch most of us probably didn't order, what else can we do with this? Even if you have to splice into the lines? Secondly, if you pull the full current how long can the battery last? Can the motor charge it enough? Wondering if I could power a few fishing lights or...
  7. M

    NAS version getting household plug in rear?

    Caught this screengrab from a FB video. It was a test drive from one of the US dealers. Hoping this is standard.
  8. AnD3rew

    Cigarette plug in centre cubby

    Today I tried using the cigarette socket in the centre cubby, car running no power, tried turning on the int switches with no luck. Anyone else tried using this?
  9. DCPU

    Vertical Towing Interface - Rubber Universal Black Flexible Tow Receiver Tube Plug

    Just a little something to blank off the receiver as I'm actually using it and don't want muck/dust/debris building up in there. For the princely sum of £5.50:
  10. C

    What size is the B58 sump plug thread?

    What size is the B58 sump plug thread I'm guessing M12x1. 5x16mm size. anyone. know?
  11. DCPU

    Loadspace Drainage Plug

    So, following on from these two threads: The online Owner's manual (page 202) states "Remove the...
  12. C

    The Dreaded 10 pin plug

    Just got this from Ineos [ Ticket: 102372 ] Missing pins Ineos Customer Service <> To: 09/06/23 10:32 1 CASE REFERENCE: 102372 Hi I hope this email finds you well. I have sent over a request to our technical advisor in head office who...
  13. E

    Is the NATO plug wire to the starter battery or to the Aux battery/120 SmartPass?

    Does anyone know whether the NATO plug has been wired to the starter battery or if it's been wired to the Aux battery/120 SmartPass?
  14. Jean Mercier

    repair of water draining cap / plug

    I took out a water draining cap in the floor and suddenly all the pieces fell apart. A small axle fell somewhere, probably in the grass. I tried to “fish” it with a strong magnet, with the help of 4 eyes, to no avail! Then I took out the other cap at the drivers’ side, to see how that axle...
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