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  1. J

    Hands Free Phone Mic - quality / performance / position, is unacceptable.

    I believe many more owners have this problem than they actually realise. - (Please stick with this to the bottom of this post) In my case, I can hear who I am talking to on hands free phone perfectly clearly though the car system speakers, but the recipient struggles to hear me most of the time...
  2. Acki

    Connect carplay or phone ... but not both?!

    Hi, If I have activated Carplay (IPhone 11) everything works, including the hands-free phone, etc. But the home screen shows like in the picture (no phone connected). So I can't see or select phone favorites. If I go to Settings at FAVORITES at the bottom of the display and connect to my...
  3. kellysHeros

    Quad Lock - phone mount

    Does anyone know how to remove the large Ineos badge from the dashboard (this is the badge that replaces the digital compass and sits between the dash fresh air vents). I think this might make a good place to mount a Quad Lock phone mount. thank you
  4. Eric

    Unpair phone from Bluetooth

    Alright it's me I know. I tried to unpair the wife's phone from the Grenadier yesterday so I could try something on settings up my phone. For the life of me I couldn't find the menu option to unpair a phone. Where is it? I have a wireless dongle ( we are both on android) which is paired with the...
  5. Paco Garcia

    Simple solution so that the phone does not slip

    I have not seen that it has been published before, yes, it has been done, I'm sorry, it is a simple and very economical solution, to avoid the phone. go tumbling everywhere, or shoot out from one of the two trays, you can find them for less than €2.
  6. Hannes01

    Pair more than 1 phone?

    I tried to pair my wife's iPhone as a second phone yesterday. Mine was logged in. Did not work!
  7. Tony H

    iPhone 14 connection stopped working, possible solution

    Not too certain if anyone has had problems loosing their iPhone from Apple car play on the Grenadier? Turned out to be my iPhone 14 & NOT the Grenadier. I have found that in the last few days my Grenadier would not detect my iPhone saying on the Grenadier screen "No Phone Connected". It had its...
  8. Arnaud

    Impossible to connect my Android phone to have AndroidAuto

    (sorry for my bad English 🙏) Hello everybody , I have my Grenadier for two weeks and and I've never been able to worked Android Auto ... At the beginning I tried with my official Ineos garage when I received my Grenadier. I thought it was my wire but I tried with a new one (official samsung)...
  9. Wueste

    Funny phone call from Ineos

    I got a phone call from INEOS this week. They asked: "Have you signed your contract yet?" I said: "Of course, I've also had the car since the middle of June." They then: "We have an incoming payment, but no signed contract. But therefore the process is then completed." Me: "Yes, I am happy to...
  10. Jean Mercier

    wireless phone charger

    Sometimes I am jealous of other people, and I think: I want that too. For instance somebody whom inherits 100 million dollars from a former army general of Khadafi. :ROFLMAO: I installed myself a cheap Chinese rear-view camera in my Suzuki Grand Vitara after my wife bought a new car with a...
  11. BD1

    Americas Customer Service phone number, calling from the US?

    What is the phone number calling from the US? I tried this number on the website but could not connect: 8334944748 Is this a local US number or UK or ? I tried calling US and calling UK with international connect codes.
  12. JohnHeagney

    Mobile phone mount and charging process

    On the subject of mobile phones, I posted this in another thread but think that it justifies its own thread. it is a shame that Ineos Automotive having created a masterpiece with the Grenadier but they haven‘t designed in a location to store your phone when driving and allow it to be on charge...
  13. emax

    Mobile phone as GPS tracker

    Has anyone ever thought of using a discarded cell phone as a GPS tracker or theft detector? It has everything built in: A GPS chip, a battery, a low-power design for longer battery life, and a sim card with GSM access. And there seem to be some apps for this purpose. Does anyone have any...
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