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  1. Wueste

    Funny phone call from Ineos

    I got a phone call from INEOS this week. They asked: "Have you signed your contract yet?" I said: "Of course, I've also had the car since the middle of June." They then: "We have an incoming payment, but no signed contract. But therefore the process is then completed." Me: "Yes, I am happy to...
  2. BD1

    Customer Service phone number, calling from the US?

    What is the phone number calling from the US? I tried this number on the website but could not connect: 8334944748 Is this a local US number or UK or ? I tried calling US and calling UK with international connect codes.
  3. JohnHeagney

    Mobile phone mount and charging process

    On the subject of mobile phones, I posted this in another thread but think that it justifies its own thread. it is a shame that Ineos Automotive having created a masterpiece with the Grenadier but they haven‘t designed in a location to store your phone when driving and allow it to be on charge...
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