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  1. emax

    Cockpit fuses, illustration with numbers V1.0, MY23

    Unfortunately, the illustration of the cockpit fuses (next to the steering wheel) in the Grenadier manual is rotated 90 degrees and the fuses are not numbered in the fuse box in the cockpit.This picture is the right way up and shows the fuse numbers.
  2. TheDocAUS


    DRAFT - STILL BEING COMPILED BACKGROUND The Table lists possible third-party suppliers of air filters for the INEOS Grenadier B57 Diesel Motor (the air filter is also used on the B58 NEEDS CONFRIMATION). When in doubt use the INEOS air filter. The INEOS filter is 68mm thick. The 68mm includes...
  3. Rupert

    Part numbers and price for RAI panel

    OK, I picked up my replacement panel for the removal of the RAI. I have included photos of the invoices (redacted to protect my privacy, LOL) and also the part. I have a question though to anyone that has ever served in the military. I was initially reluctant to install this on Rupert as I...
  4. NoMoTaco

    Raised Air Intake Delete - Part Numbers Needed

    I, like several others here on the forum (@DaBull), am wanting to remove the RAI on my Trialmaster when I take ownership of it and replace it with the factory blanking plates on the A-Pillar and Fender. I have searched extensively but have failed to find the associated parts numbers for these...
  5. Stu_Barnes

    Generic Part Numbers

    TPMS Sensors - CONTINENTAL - 407006UA0A
  6. Krabby

    It’s all in the numbers …

    3,000 threads!
  7. emax

    Passenger side Grab Handle: Part numbers and prices

    Today I got the quotes for the passenger side grab handle. In my case (Germany) it is the LHD version. A quick response and a good service in this regard. I only got a screenshot which you can see below. This does not include VAT and sums up to 329,29€. Plus 19% VAT in Germany makes 392,60€...
  8. MileHigh

    Do we have any numbers on EU deliveries?

    I don’t see many posts on “where is my Grenedier”, but do we have an idea on how many have been delivered, what their production rate is, and when will all the EU reservation holders get theirs? Are the Electrical gremlins solved yet? Don’t see much on them either.
  9. emax

    INEOS Original Part Numbers

    I have seen here that the handle on the A-pillar can be mounted on both sides similarly. So my first original part to buy will be the handle for the LHD version to mount it on the driver side. Question is: Where can I get the part number? Second question: can I directly order it from INEOS...
  10. emax

    Verbrenner vs. Elektro

    Ich finde das Thema eigentlich zu angstrengend, bei all den Experten, die so herumlaufen. Trotzdem finde ich dieses Video überzeugend. Es ist auf Deutschland zugeschnitten, deshalb hier:
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