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  1. C

    NATO Socket for portable Solar

    Has anyone use the NATO socket as a portable solar input? I have a factory single battery setup. I'm adding 100AH LiFePO4 and will use a Victron Smart Solar + Victron Orion XS DC to DC. I plan to move the NATO socket power to the 7 pin busbar and free up the 5 pin busbar for the aux power. I'm...
  2. LeeroyJ

    NATO plug to Anderson Plug

    I bought the NATO plug from Agile Offroad and plan to wire it to an Anderson plug to charge my trailer batteries when on long trips or when off grid and no sun for the Solar. I’m unclear on how to connect the wire to the terminals inside the plug and hoping that someone here might know (Agile...
  3. grnamin

    Have you opened your NATO plug cap?

    Have you opened your cap? Any special way to do it? Mine won't budge. I don't know of a strap wrench would be of use due to the metal flange that wraps around the cap. Any ideas?
  4. D


    Does anyone know if the truck is optioned with the High load auxilary switch panel,is the 500 amp Nato plug prewired to both the front and rear of the vehicle?
  5. Shawnpalmer

    I want to add the nato socket…., what is your opinion on this? Is it doable?

    What is your opinion on this? Is it doable? I need the part numbers. I would just connect it straight to my battery I think. Let me know your thoughts…
  6. Kruegerruda

    Is the Nato Socket usable without Orginal winch?

    I have a utility 5-seater without winch. With power on and 500A on at the dash there ist now voltage at the Nato socket?! What's wrong? Ist the Nato socket just a dummy?
  7. F

    What are the options for the Nato plug in the back?

    besides the portable winch most of us probably didn't order, what else can we do with this? Even if you have to splice into the lines? Secondly, if you pull the full current how long can the battery last? Can the motor charge it enough? Wondering if I could power a few fishing lights or...
  8. Tom D

    NATO socket peculiarity

    It appears that when you reach 52 Mph the NATO socket switches itself off. Not sure why but it’s consistent. It’s pretty annoying as if you are using it to charge a second battery on a trailer once you get on the open road it will de-energise. Maybe this will have to be a fix in the next...
  9. S

    Nato hitch and rear number plate

    Hi I wish to attach the same setup as this picture to my Grenadier. I have this setup on two old defenders I already own. The problem is that for the Nato hitch to be at the correct height for the military trailer I own the Dixon Bate bracket needs to be mounted up high and as a result...
  10. Jean Mercier

    Local Area Thread démontage de l'habillement arrière droite

    (For the English speaking people, most of the things here have already been shown in the past by other people) Pour essayer de mettre un peu de vie dans la partie francophone de ce forum, et vu que ceci a déjà été publié auparavant par d'autres dans la partie anglophone, voici une vue de ce qui...
  11. M

    NATO socket jump start capability

    I remember from my times in military service that via a NATO socket basically every vehicle could jump start another. E.g. a Wolf (military G-wagon) could start a tank with drained batteries. So does the NATO socket in the Grenadier has the same function? Supply power to an other vehicle (or...
  12. E

    Is the NATO plug wire to the starter battery or to the Aux battery/120 SmartPass?

    Does anyone know whether the NATO plug has been wired to the starter battery or if it's been wired to the Aux battery/120 SmartPass?
  13. DCPU

    Q&A Americas NATO Socket

    NATO Socket Can you explain what software is required, what purpose it serves, and how it is integrated into the wiring of the NATO socket?
  14. Sekurt

    Q&A Americas NATO plug

    Will the US spec vehicles have the NATO plug as standard equipment or is it an add on based on a package
  15. Burki

    NATO Buchse

    Hat jemand schon mal die NATO Buchse hinten getestet? Die Buchse ist ja ausgelegt fuer 135A und sollte mit 35mm² Kabel montiert werden. Da ich die Buchse fuer Zusatzaggregate nutzen werde, wuerde mich mal interessieren, was man maximal an Strom (Dauer) rausziehen kann bzw. wie hoch die...
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