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  1. S

    Coolant leak into left front footwell

    I've just spotted green coolant dripping down into the passenger (left) footwell. I've lifted the floor covering and there is a bit of a pool there. Anyone else had this issue and know what is causing it? I'm guessing heater matrix, but I hope it's something simple like a hose clamp and not the...
  2. M

    water in passenger footwell (RHD vehicle)

    It's been bone dry in the UK for the last few weeks - since I collected my Grenadier. Shale Blue Utility - rough and smooth packs. Naturally I love it A few of the silly error messages - power steering, transmission, airbag...all that nonsense, I can forgive for now and I just ignore it...
  3. Jean Mercier

    Auxiliary USB charging point in auxiliary footwell power point

    Before beginning, let me be clear, I have a Left-Hand Driving (LHD) car. The only “right” way to drive a car 😉. Therefore, if you drive a right-hand car (the wrong way ;) ), you should think in inverting everything I mean: left is right, right is wrong, up is down, and so on. Jokes aside, let’s...
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