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  1. Koenstravel

    Question on bringing 230V into the Grenadier

    Hello all, I am relative new to the forum and anticipating my delivery of my Grenadier... While prepping for my technical build out of the Grenadier 2 seater I am thinking about the following question: When out camping and you want to use the grid power 230 V from the campsite ( example CEE) for...
  2. D


    Does anyone know if the truck is optioned with the High load auxilary switch panel,is the 500 amp Nato plug prewired to both the front and rear of the vehicle?
  3. M

    UK & Ireland Vision x lights

    Has anyone had any issues fitting the vision x lights….. I have fitted the new aux lights using the original ineos wiring loom so that when the overhead switch is on the lights should come on when main beam selected. All that happens is they come on for two seconds then go out, high beam stays...
  4. bemax

    e-call failure

    Today my car had the “e-call failure” the second time. The first time the failure showed up more than a month ago after the battery was down to 7 %. While all the other failures vanished after starting the car (no problem with that at all due to the second battery) the e-call failure stood with...
  5. Roach

    No hitch mystery and can wiring be added

    @FlyingTexan @Lord Ripon USA Strange but I'm pretty certain I checked the "hitch" option but when it arrived at the dealer there was no hitch. All our trucks have hitches, what I thought was my order summary has the hitch checked off. Dealer says it can be added for $1000 (800 parts and 200...
  6. H

    How can i connect the aux battery?(dual battery i need the wirring diagram)

    I need to know how i connect the ctek to the wires in the box under the seat. Any one has the diagram or know how?
  7. Jean Mercier

    Unused electrical connector (rear right)

    Have a rattling noise in the back of the car since some weeks. Therefore I dismounted my right rear trim this afternoon, to see if something behind it is loose. Had not done it before. Anyone knows what this connector is for? (unused, 1.7 volts fluctuating when contact off, and 2.0 volts...
  8. muxmax

    Electrical Setup for Outdoor Office

    Since I am a complete failure when it comes to electricity and wiring and my attempts to answer my questions myself keep turning in circles, I wanted to tap into the incredible wisdom of this forum and ask for help with my plans to make the car fit to serve as an outdoor office from time to...
  9. AnD3rew

    Electrical ticking timebomb

    Maybe INEOS should watch this and take note. View:
  10. Traveling Marvin

    Roof - Electrical Outlets - connector type ?

    Sorry if I replicate a thread, but I could not find this topic..... Now that my Grenadier is standing at the dealer 😎, I start to wonder how to connect all the nice things to the electrical power outlets located on the roof. I had a brief look below the plastic protection, but did not...
  11. Trialmaster

    Who is experiencing software or electrical gremlins?

    I am curious, those that have collected the Grenadier - how many are experiencing SOFTWARE / ELECTRICAL GREMLINS?
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