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  1. AngusMacG

    New article about deliveries in the US (subscription/login required)

    “ automaker expects to deliver 800-1,000 vehicles a month going forward.
  2. W

    Australasia WA Deliveries

    My vehicle arrived in WA late September 2023. I have yet to get confirmation as to when I can pick it up. I believe that there were about 20 Grenadiers in this particular batch. Has anyone taken delivery from this batch…thanks
  3. Texas Grenadier

    OK United States…..Let’s see those deliveries!!!!

    Today is the official first day of deliveries for a lot of Americans. Let’s see the new rides!!!!!
  4. Tinki

    Inverter retrofit . New deliveries I need your help .

    So Guys because i cannot leave well enough alone and because i was really annoyed when they promised us a 400w inverter and took it way the last moment , i have ordered all the bits from my dealear to retrofit . While waitting for the parts to arrive i would greatly appreciate anyone who has...
  5. MileHigh

    Do we have any numbers on EU deliveries?

    I don’t see many posts on “where is my Grenedier”, but do we have an idea on how many have been delivered, what their production rate is, and when will all the EU reservation holders get theirs? Are the Electrical gremlins solved yet? Don’t see much on them either.
  6. Solmanic

    Poll - How is your new Grenadier really?

    With deliveries underway and the many recent posts by people experiencing issues, it's rapidly giving an overwhelming impression that a lot of vehicles being delivered have problems. However this being the internet, I am hoping there are many others who have no issues they think are worth...
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