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cruise control

  1. chrsbe

    No cruise control with bike rack?

    I don't have cruise control when my trailer hitch mounted bike rack is plugged in. Is that normal?
  2. BenTN

    Cruise Control speed change +/- is always in kph????

    I am in the US and we use miles instead of km. We will never change because we will never change. It took me weeks to figure out why the Cruise Control +/- speed control inputs on my steering wheel did not seem to work reliably. The set speed in mph does not change (go up or down) every time I...
  3. AnD3rew

    ESC, Traction Control, Cruise control issue post update.

    Had the full software update last week. Pre that ocassionally when using cruise control if you went over a big bump or something the cruise control would drop out, but you could just reset it and carry on. This morning on the highway I had a bump in the road and the cruise dropped out but then...
  4. Robert T

    General Check engine light - fuel level sensor P0461

    I've filled up my tank 5 or 6 times but yesterday after filling up the check engine light came on. My dealer, Elliot Bay, informed me this has happened to a couple people when overfilling the gas tank. I did not overfill it, just let the gas pump shut off automatically. The code is P0461, which...
  5. E

    Cruise control dropping out...

    My Grenadier has had a couple of longer runs down to Cairns and back, when I used the cruise control. It seems to work well. It drops out automatically if you touch the brakes, as it should However, mine drops out all the time. If I go over a bump or cattle grid, it drops out. That's...
  6. Reducs

    Q&A Americas What -exactly- is ADAS 1 Intelligent Speed Assistance?

    (Pg. 23 of the US brochure under "Assistance Systems") I'm assuming, as are many others, that this is adaptive (RADAR) cruise control? Some think it's speed limit warnings based on signage or GPS? Is it both? Is it either? Does it encompass other features? Thanks!
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