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  1. Deepblue

    Black Sheep winch cover

    Was not really happy with the factory winch cover for European plastic bumper. When I saw Black Sheep has engineered practical solution I was convinced immediately. As they are in Switzerland I could arrange to buy the winch cover at their location. Thanks to @Black Sheep for making this...
  2. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep Greetings from the Black Sheep

    The fact that our homepage or online shop does not work properly is what brought me here... :rolleyes: Maybe a good sign..... I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for this inconvenience.... We are currently better at manufacturing vehicle accessories than in the design of...
  3. Jack123


    I'm thinking of painting my spare tire cover to match my vehicle color. I appreciate your comments. Thank you.
  4. YellowLab

    Gas Cap Cover Panel Size

    Does anyone have the measurement of the gas/fuel filler cover panel and can you tell if it is metal or plastic
  5. Trialmaster

    Wheel Cover Source (UK)

    Was looking for a manufacture to produce a personal wheel cover. I found this website that produces them for the INEOS agents here:
  6. M

    Quartermaster tonneau cover and cargo bars

    More pictures taken today at the Autohaus Weippert lot. This time from the QM tonneau cover, interesstingly combined with some cargo racks. Might be useful for a (second) tent. Max
  7. Jean Mercier

    European winch cover do it yourself screw replacement

    I replaced today the screws of my "numberplate winch cover". The idea behind it was that it is way too easy to remove the original cheap screws of Ineos, and therefore reach the winch. Here the final solution with the new screws and old ones: So what did I do? I found at my sons place nice...
  8. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Where’s the Load Space Cover Option for the rear boot???

    Where’s the Load Space Cover Option for the rear boot??? Dear Ineos, Please provide a proper Load Space Cover Option for the Rear Boot Area to prevent theft of our stuff in the rear boot. When is Ineos going to provide an option or better yet include a Load Space Cover for the rear boot to...
  9. jeremy_matrix

    2seat Commercial Utility Wagon 2nd row area; battery cover trim plates

    For anyone with a 2seat Utility Wagon, with no 2nd row seat. How does IA make the rear floor area smooth/level if the battery(ies) are still in the 2nd level? Only picture I can find on the web so far; Would like to make a Station Wagon (5seater) has a similar panel in the 2nd row.
  10. Jean Mercier

    @Jean Mercier Self-made temporary cheap trunk cover

    When I travel, I like to hide my luggage, even if it isn’t very valuable (tent, clothes, beer, etc.) That's why I have optioned the tinted privacy glass. But I want a trunk cover. I decided to build a temporary one myself. My prerequisites: cheap light fast to build because I will travel soon...
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