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  1. AngusMacG

    Change units from imperial to metric?

    Anyone know how to change the units in the speedometer to metric? Crossed into, Quebec today and couldn’t find it. Will look more at it tomorrow when I have a chance.
  2. Grapa

    First oil change

    How many miles to do the first oil change? The manual says at 12.000…. It seems a little to far for me. Usually, my other cars (land cruiser 200, G wagen) had a break in period and oil change at 1.000 miles. Thanks
  3. IG_LA

    Local Area Thread Change of Order Configuration (Rusnak Pasadena)

    My configuration when I submitted my order back in May 2023 had 17” Steel on Bridgetown tires, but I knew I had a change of thought instantly and wanted the alloy + BFGoodrich. I remember when I paid for my reservation that we could make any changes when the dealers were announced (contact...
  4. M

    When is the Model Year Change Over?

    I have a build estimate of 3rd Quarter. I assume that would make it a 2025 instead of 2024? Beyond improving some known defect issues, and some things already added to the 2024 changes, do you think any other small tweaks will occur for the 2025 MY?
  5. TNT647

    Can BMW mechanics do oil change

    Just wanted to see if any members has experience with getting oil change or transmission fluid change from a BMW dealership or BMW shop? I live 5 hours from an INEOS dealership…
  6. emax

    Motor oil change instructions and parts?

    Does anybody have the original motor oil change instructions and part numbers? Anything special to obey?
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