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  1. Novoniil

    Back-up camera

    I recently had an opportunity to test drive the Trialmaster. Impressive to say the least. I, however would like to know your opinion, whether you are an owner or did a test drive - HOW AWFUL IS THE BACKUP CAMERA DISPLAY? Apologies about the all caps there but what I saw while backing up is God...
  2. Michael H.

    Reverse Camera in Off-road Mode

    Interested in your thoughts as to why the reversing camera is not available in off-road mode. A couple of times now I have had to disengage off-road mode so I could view the camera. Do you think it’s a software issue that needs changing, or is there something I'm not considering?
  3. emax

    Made my GoPro camera mount for the utility rail

    Yesterday, I made my GoPro camera mount for the utility rail. I used the fittings I have shown here: The photographs are partially a bit unsharp as it was already getting dark when I mounted them. The...
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