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  1. F

    Tombo 360 camera system

    We picked up our Magic Mushroom Trialmaster yesterday from Regal in Atlanta. Really enjoyed working with Austin. So much better than we expected. An incredible vehicle. Wondering if anyone has used the Tombo 360x? Compared to Wolfbox 900? May have ability to add blind spot camera. Getting...
  2. C

    Camera Car

    I saw this on the Bronco forums and thought I would share. Basically my current off-road rig filming my future off-road rig.
  3. F

    Wolfbox trailer camera mod

    Having been a happy Wolfbox user, when towing our trailer I decided it would be handy to be able to see the rear view from the back of the trailer itself rather than just from the back of the Grenadier. So I bought a second camera and worked out how to switch between them. The normal rear view...
  4. D

    Using existing backup camera

    I've been thinking of getting a Wolfbox G900 and was wondering if it's possible to use the existing backup camera with the Wolfbox.
  5. Pat-Ard

    Reverse Camera Light Shroud - a different design based on BenTN's version 2024-03-12

    Hi folks, based on BenTN shroud I added my thoughts. My final printed parts will arrive shortly and I'll post some pics.
  6. TheDocAUS

    DASHCAM - cable run for the rear dashcam camera

    BACKGROUND Australian spec 2 seater Utility Wagon, but it will probably work on 5 seaters and left hand drive cars. The Dashcam installed was a Blackvue DR970X-2CH. The front camera was mounted under the rear-view mirror and the cable for the rear camera was run down the roofline on the...
  7. A

    Reverse Camera manual turn on.

    Does anyone know a way to manually turn on the reverse camera. When I tow with some of my other vehicles you can turn on the reverse camera to see what's going on. I know I could manually add a camera and screen but would prefer not to.
  8. BenTN

    Reverse Camera Light Shroud BenTN rev2

    This pair of identical shrouds attaches over the stock license plate light lenses using the existing screws. It reduces the spread of the license plate light so that it does not reach the reverse camera from either side. This improves the reverse camera image quality, especially when the reverse...
  9. Novoniil

    Back-up camera

    I recently had an opportunity to test drive the Trialmaster. Impressive to say the least. I, however would like to know your opinion, whether you are an owner or did a test drive - HOW AWFUL IS THE BACKUP CAMERA DISPLAY? Apologies about the all caps there but what I saw while backing up is God...
  10. Michael H.

    Reverse Camera in Off-road Mode

    Interested in your thoughts as to why the reversing camera is not available in off-road mode. A couple of times now I have had to disengage off-road mode so I could view the camera. Do you think it’s a software issue that needs changing, or is there something I'm not considering?
  11. emax

    Made my GoPro camera mount for the utility rail

    Yesterday, I made my GoPro camera mount for the utility rail. I used the fittings I have shown here: The photographs are partially a bit unsharp as it was already getting dark when I mounted them. The...
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