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  1. Jayp


    Good afternoon. I am a new forum member / Ineos owner in Oregon. I received my mushroom Trialmaster a few weeks ago. Overall I am pleased with the Quality and the driving experience, but am quite disappointed with all of the items I have to turn off each time I start it. Does anyone know if or...
  2. [ Adam ]

    Americas My ADAS is broken

    I had the trailer hitch software update done a few weeks ago, and I eventually noticed a few differences: No longer displayed speed limit No longer displayed lanes No longer chirping when speed limit exceeded No longer able to find ADAS via the menu - but still able to access via favorites No...
  3. Offroad

    Americas Grenadier Review in Motor Trend / ADAS Awareness

    For better or worse, ADAS made the first few paragraphs in the Motor Trend review. And, I'm now, 'That one owner from Nashville.' Nice review overall but definitely was expecting ADAS to hit the top line of the article! It does show the impact that Forums and Groups have...
  4. Offroad

    Americas 2024 ADAS Issue and Work Around (USA)

    As far as I know, this is a USA Only Issue and Specific to the ADAS System in the 2024 Model. Feel free to skip the Background editorial and go to the Solution! Background I was lucky enough to have an early delivery and picked my Grenadier up on Nov 27th. Scottish White (Love it!), Leather...
  5. shiv.nandak

    Decoded VIN - A few interesting surprises

    So i have my VIN and was told that my Grenadier was scheduled for build in August 2023. I decoded the VIN on the NHTSA site and there were a few pleasant surprises. The decoder lists the following features that i did not expect, can someone confirm if these are correct? Can the NHTSA decoder be...
  6. Reducs

    Q&A Americas What -exactly- is ADAS 1 Intelligent Speed Assistance?

    (Pg. 23 of the US brochure under "Assistance Systems") I'm assuming, as are many others, that this is adaptive (RADAR) cruise control? Some think it's speed limit warnings based on signage or GPS? Is it both? Is it either? Does it encompass other features? Thanks!
  7. Logsplitter


    I see all the latest versions of the Grenadier in the U.K. now come with Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). I’m pleased I got one of the early Grenadiers as I wouldn’t want all that extra assistance and complicated electronics
  8. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will NA have any safety systems, autonomous braking, blind spot detection etc?

    Will NA have any safety systems, autonomous braking, blind spot detection etc?
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