Ride Experience - Grenadier vs. Defender Suspension

Fresh blood hitting the Youtube floor.  This gentleman attempts to compare riding experience of his Defender straight after being a passenger in the Grenadier in 2021?... so who knows if the Grenadier suspension was final at that point).  Not easy to hear him. I don't know which model the Defender is but you Defender guys would probably know.  Not sure how helpful it will be for people but.... here it is nonetheless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPAIQmwrFx0


Grenadier Ordered
It is a Defender 110 TGV from 2003.  It's similar to a  TDI (prior to 1999), but a later build and has more power.

I already had seen this video and know the channel. This guy basically knows what he is telling and doing, but his videos are often just a lot of talking and mostly hard to understand.

As for the suspension: I know both types, and the Grenadier feels clearly smoother, it is not as bumpy. Koni dampers ...


Reservation Holder
Haaa! "Seat of the pants  Noise/Vibration/Harshness meter "  plus "Seat of the pants  dynamometer" to gauge acceleration/ minor power increments..... Works every time!!  ?


Grenadier Ordered
Yes emax - he sort of loves it but hates it all at the same time!

He knows in his heart the Grenadier is better but he is a rusted on devoted defender lover


Founding Guard
He has such a legacy with the Defenders, that it is hard for someone to make a transition.  I feel defender diesel runs through his veins so he will always have a hard time making the shift.  


Grenadier Ordered
Though I am overly happy with my decision, I can to a certain degree understand him. I am a Defender-lover as well. And in a Defender, you know after a while each bolt, nut and washer by name. Whatever is broken, you will  likely know what to do, or  find out. You know which screw to loosen first, and you know how long the surgery will take.

Such problems will in general hardly exist with the Grenadier (I hope). So  with a Grenadier he has to say good bye to the good ole habits ...

I'd be happy to do so since I have been a gearhead ever since, and I am finally a bit tired of problems, oily fingers, cold afternoons under a car and so on.  But whatsoever - he has to give up something.

In another video he talks about money. Yes, that's an issue. He has apparently two Defenders and two houses. And the same problem pops up again: He has to say good bye to something.

To make a long story short: He can afford a Grenadier if he sells either a house (which is of course a massive sacrifice), or the two Defenders and can take out a loan which is no problem if you have two houses. Bottom line: It's all a matter of priorities.

Perhaps he is an old man in a young body. Who knows?