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Message from Ineos


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Feb 23, 2022
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I have received an EMail from Ineos. As the mail is in German, I have translated it with the Google translator, so this is likely not perfect. But you should get the point:

Hi …,
we are just doing the last kilometers of our test phase. The first prototypes are already rolling off the assembly line at our plant in Hambach. Our global sales and service network is taking shape. We will also be confirming full vehicle details and prices very soon. Then you can complete your Grenadier order and be
among the first to receive one of our uncompromising off-roaders.In anticipation of this milestone, we would like to give you an overview of what information will be released and when. We also answer the most important questions about the ordering process. Here we go:
28 APRIL 2022From April 28th, visit for full vehicle specifications and prices, along with equipment packs, options and accessories. This gives you time to get an overview of all the information about the Grenadier before we open the order books. We are also happy to answer all your questions about the purchase and service of your Grenadier:
MAY 2022In May we will open our order books and you can convert your reserved production slot into an order with all the vehicle specifications you want. A little later than planned, but we used the time to prepare everything so that it is right for you.To confirm your order we charge a second fee of EUR 2050. But very important: Like the reservation fee of EUR 450, this sum is fully refundable until just before the production date. You can also make small changes to your configuration. In the last step, you then have to sign a sales contract so that we can plan your Grenadier and the vehicle specifications firmly in our production.
When do the order books open?
Once the date is set, we will open the order books at 09:00 that day. You don't have to set an alarm clock: you have about a month to convert your reservation into an order. We will also remind you of this date so that you can definitely secure your early production slot. After that we will open the order books for all customers, even without a reservation.

I've been following the development of the Grenadier since its inception and was among the first to reserve a vehicle on September 30, 2021. Can I rest assured that my reservation will be given priority?Absolutely! We reserve production slots for those who have pre-reserved a Grenadier. The first to place your reservation between September 30th and October 13th, 2021 will receive priority production slots. Those who abandoned their reservation after this date will follow next. Orders without prior reservation will then be scheduled as soon as possible. The principle “first come, first serve” applies in each of the groups mentioned.
Can I test drive before buying?
This desire is understandable. We will continue to provide opportunities to see the Grenadier live on our 2B Prototype Tours. From August we will also offer you a fleet of demonstration vehicles.
Do I pay the deposit online or at the dealer?
On the day of the order you can make the down payment of EUR 2050 online using a Visa or Mastercard credit card. As well as the reservation fee of EUR 450, the entire amount is refundable until the purchase contract is signed. The remaining payment of the vehicle price is then made before the vehicle is handed over by bank transfer.
How do I sign the purchase contract for the vehicle?
We will contact you approximately 60 days prior to the production of your Grenadier to request an e-signature for your vehicle purchase agreement. Can I still change my configuration after ordering?You can adjust your configuration until you have signed the purchase contract for your vehicle. However, engines and interior fittings can no longer be changed, but, for example, the color of your paintwork or accessories can be changed. However, these adjustments may have an impact on your production slot and delivery date. Our customer service center will be happy to help you.
When will my Grenadier be produced and shipped?
Once you've placed your order, we'll let you know the expected month for production. You will find out the planned delivery date when we ask you to sign the purchase contract. The exact production and delivery date depends on the demand. Will I be informed about all news about the production of my Grenadier?You will receive regular status updates about your Grenadier in your INEOS account. In addition, we will inform you in good time when you can sign your purchase contract and the financing applications, if desired, are ready. I don't seem to be getting all the emails others are getting?We initially had problems with the email permission settings. As a result, some customers did not receive any messages from us. The problem is now fixed. If you were affected by this, we apologize. Do you have any other questions? CONTACT US …. contact info ...


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Dec 28, 2021
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Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
The English version.....Hi Jeremy,

We’re now into ‘the Final Mile’ of engineering testing. Prototypes are moving down the line at our factory in Hambach. Our sales and service network around the world is taking shape. And we’re getting ready to announce full vehicle specifications and pricing – so that you can lock in your Grenadier order for production, and be one of the first to take delivery of our uncompromising 4X4.

In anticipation of this milestone, we wanted to give you an outline of what information to expect and when, and also to answer some of the questions about the ordering process that we know are front of mind. So, here goes:

APRIL 28th

Go to, where from April 28th you’ll find full vehicle specifications and pricing, trim packs, options and accessories giving you an opportunity to soak up all the information before we open the order books. We’ll also answer your questions on how to buy and service your Grenadier.

Our customer services team will also be on standby, on the phone and by email, to answer any questions you may have.

MAY 2022

Our order books will open in May, allowing you to firm up the build slot you previously reserved into a full specification vehicle order. It’s a little later than planned, but we’ve had a few issues outside our control to deal with and want to make sure everything is just right for you.

To confirm that order, we’ll be asking for a second payment of GBP 2050. Please know that – as with the reservation fee of GBP 450 – this sum remains fully refundable, and you’ll still be able to make minor changes to your specification until closer to your production date. At this point we will, of course, need you to sign a sales contract as we lock your Grenadier specification into the production schedule.NOW, TO ANSWER SOME OF YOUR SPECIFIC QUESTIONS:

What time will orders open?

Once we’ve confirmed the date, the order book will open at 08:00 BST on that day. But no need to set an alarm – we’ll keep open our ‘priority access window’, solely for reservists for about a month, after that we’ll be opening it up to all comers. But rest assured we will send you reminders during the month so you can secure that early build slot.

I’ve been following the Grenadier story since the beginning and was one of the first to place a reservation on 30th September last year. Can you confirm it’s still ‘first-come, first-served' now that you’re ready to take orders?

Absolutely, that’s still the case. We’re holding build slots for all reservists. ‘Hand raisers’ who placed their reservation between 30th September 2021 and 13th October 2021 will have priority access to the first batch of build slots. Those who placed their reservations after then will have priority access to the second batch of build slots.

Non-reservist orders will be allocated build slots after that. All build slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis within your priority group and will be held for around one month.

What if I want to drive one before I buy?

That’s your prerogative, of course, and completely understandable. Equally you’ll understand there’s a bit of ‘chicken and egg’ here! We will continue to provide opportunities to experience the Grenadier on our 2B prototype tours, and will have a fleet of demonstrators to offer test drives in from August onwards - by which time we will be building customer vehicles to order.

Consequently, deferring your order placement until after your test drive will mean a later delivery. From August you’ll be able to visit your local retailer and take away a Grenadier for a test drive. Reservations and orders are refundable until you sign the vehicle contract, and we’ll confirm the date when you get a build slot.

Do I pay the deposit online or at the retailer?

On order day, you can make your deposit of GBP 2050 online, either via Visa or Mastercard – and as with the reservation fee of GBP 450, it remains fully refundable until you sign your contract. The balance payment, when due prior to handover, will be by bank transfer.

How do I sign the vehicle contract?

We will contact you around 60 days before the start of your Grenadier’s build to request an eSignature of your vehicle contract.

Can I change my configuration after ordering?

You can make tweaks right up until you sign your vehicle contract, but it may have an impact on your production slot. The factory don’t want us changing engines, gearboxes, interior trims but you can change your paint colour or chosen accessories, for example. Our customer service centre is on hand to help get it sorted.

How long will it take to build my Grenadier?

We’ll give you the estimated build slot month once you’ve placed your order and an estimated delivery date when we ask you to sign your contract. The precise lead time depends on demand.

Will you keep me posted about my Grenadier’s production?

We certainly will. You’ll receive updates on your Grenadier’s status in your INEOS account. We’ll also contact you at the appropriate time when your contract is ready to sign and finance applications open.

I seem to be missing out on emails other people are getting?

We had some early issues with email permission settings which meant that some of you weren’t receiving all our communications. We’ve now fixed this, but if you were affected, we apologise sincerely.

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