Hello from CA

Very excited to be on the forum; I placed my reservation on day 1 and have been waiting for a vehicle like this since watching Marlin Perkins on 'Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom' all those years ago.  Color is the tough choice now - I like the light blue and silver - like that the blue gives me the option of a white roof.  When I was able to kick around the prototype when the tour came to LA I was both thoroughly impressed and hooked.  I hope they offer the ability to order 2 sets of wheels want alloys for normal use, but steels for drives in the desert.


Grenadier Ordered
Welcome Mark. I too am after another set of wheels in order to fit more aggressive tyres on. I'll be surprised if they are not readily available. 


Founding Guard
Welcome to the forum Mark. My plan is to get the steelies and a set of Methods for alloys. I’m not really sold on the alloy wheel designs. The 17” looks too plain and the 18” has false bead lock ring which I abhor ?