Hello from Bavaria, Germany.


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Hello all fans of the Grenadier,
last summer I want to order a new Hilux, until I have the chance of a lift in the Grenadier Prototype.....
So now a Grenadier is ordered. (30.09., 01:00. ;-)
Is here anyone from the southern part of Germany?



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welcome along! i also very close to ordering a new Hilux last year.. until i was informed of the 12 month lead time! thought sod it, ill wait for the Grenadier


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Hi Christian, 

I am from Bavaria as well and eventually you got the same invite in your inbox from today that they offer a test drive at Auto-Schmitt in Baierbrunn (BMW dealer) from 21-23 January. If not and you are interested you could also call the dealer directly.


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Hi all,
thanks for the welcome ;-)
@chaos@ dirty: We live in Kipfenberg, 10 km away from Greding.
@Spjnr@ Spjnr: Same to me, delivering time for an ordered model at least 12 month, cars you can get immediately rises in price unbelievable.
@ Karl: Thanks for the information, I did not get an invitation yet. I have already two time the pleasure of the test ride. It was like 2003 with a KTM 950, after the ride you just ask to sign the contract and for the delivery date. The rest doesn't matter. GrussChristian


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Hallo Karl,
Vielen Dank für die Info. Nein, ich habe keine Einladung bekommen ;-)) Hatte aber schon 2x das Vergnügen, mitfahren zu dürfen….
War bei mir wie 2003 die Probefahrt mit einer KTM 950. Danach war nur die Frage wo darf ich unterschreiben…
Ich arbeite selber in der Kfz Entwicklung und der Grenadier ist so ziemlich das Gegenteil von dem was ich momentan entwickeln darf.
Hast Du Dich schon für eine Motorvariante entschieden? Ist für mich gerade noch die Frage, Robustheit würde ich über (fast) alles stellen.



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Welcome Christian!  It will be sometime before we get a test ride in the US.  Very sad...