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Hi Emax,

Yes the point I have put in will be our showroom yes.

The previous is a BMW and Mini showroom we have at another site.

I'd like to store the address of that site in my personal address book. Can you tell me which address it is?
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Halliwell Jones Chester

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INEOS Dealer
I'm not 100% on what the postcode for our new showroom will be yet it's being built on part of our compound at the minute, but the closest one is where I work out of right now which is the service centre for BMW, just a couple of hundred yards away.
Halliwell Jones service centre
Sealand industrial estate
Knutsford way


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Hi Disco Dave,

thank you for your joining!

You have however put in strange latitude and longitude values: 16.5603,39,145.4624,57

I would correct them, but It's unclear to me, what you mean.

The values should look like so: 12.56789,56.1234

Where the point is the decimal point and the comma is the separator between lat and lon. So there must only be one comma in the data.
One or both values can be negative as well, e.g. 12.56789,-56.1234
or -12.56789,56.1234

In google maps you can right click the location directly and then click on the displayed coordinates which can then be pasted into the form.

Please try again. :)