Checking in from Western New York

Hey all! Quick new member check in. I am in Hemlock, New York (lower rent side of the Finger Lakes region). I have reserved a Grenadier and have been following Ineos since I first heard of Sir Jim's grand plan in 2017. Long time LR fan and always wanted an original Defender. I do not have a ton of off road experience, unless a 1/4 mile steep, gravel driveway counts? I've owned four Land Rovers/Range Rovers. Currently have a 22 Defender 110 V8 and a 19 G550 and a 76 Dodge Power Wagon! Both the Defender and G are great and extremely luxurious SUVs, but I am just drawn to the utilitarian and purposeful idea of the Grenadier. Hoping to gain insight from other future owners as I have always found that to be the very best info available for any vehicle. I plan to use my Grenadier very heavily as a daily driver.
Welcome!  Good to have more people from the U.S. here, though I'm enjoying "meeting" people from around the world. Sounds like you've got quite the collection already!