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  1. Stu_Barnes

    Engine light, airbag light, adblue error, transmission error, help please I'm in Indonesia.

    I've just had an email from a forum member in Indonesia, @GL Cars "Hi Im far in indonesia and seems my car has a problem the engine light airbag light adblue error transmission error I stay in jakarta and driving the grenadier diesel Do you have anybody in jakarta indonesia who can...
  2. MileHigh


    So I see that it has a BMW B58 engine in it. When it comes to transmission, it is the same version as the station wagon? The Quartermaster is bigger and heavier. The ZF version was not at the same level as in a Jeep Unlimited- it was a ‘lesser’ spec version. Did they up the transmission?
  3. 06a5275f-0ed7-4f76-91ea-b426eb5f98f5.mp4


    Excellent matching of engine and transmission. A lot can be driven with the automatic transmission.
  4. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Which transmission will NA get 8HP51 (500 Nm peak torque) or 8HP76 (750 Nm peak torque).

    Which transmission will NA get 8HP51 (500 Nm peak torque) or 8HP76 (750 Nm peak torque).
  5. holdmybeer

    Procedure to shift into Neutral with a dead battery (fiddly but doable)

    If your battery is dead and you need Neutral for a tow or a roll or whatever, sounds like a 5mm hex socket and access underneath the truck is required. With the Grenadier's clearance (compared to any other ZF vehicle), hopefully this doesn't mean jacking it up. It's such a common transmission...
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