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  1. X

    Now abusing a 2015 toyota hilux, will the grenadier be next?

    Hi All, Currently I'm using my daily driver for quite tough offroading. A toyota hilux 2KD-FVT (144hp) manual. Bought new in 2015. Done 200k, recently did have some turbo issues, VNT position sensor had intermitted failures. In the diagnose process we decided to address everything we stumbled...
  2. Jiman01

    Grenadier vs 2024 Land Cruiser

    For the US market at least, this sounds like bad news/timing for Ineos. 01Aug2023 is the announcement date for the newly redesigned/reintroduced Land Cruiser. Im assuming it’ll be hard to get one in the beginning but it should be exciting. Will this affect your Grenadier decision? I guess...
  3. YellowLab

    Toyota/Lexus Announcements

    Interesting that the month when IG orders go live for the US - Toyota announces the new Landcruiser returns to the US and Lexus announces the new GX Off Road variants. Sounds just a bit suspicious...
  4. SirJimR

    Grenadier Alternatives (Australia)

    Hi all, thought it would be fun to put up some competitor vehicles that I considered before pulling the trigger on my order. I'll list some Pros & Cons, as well as a link to the specs on CarsGuide for each. Essentially - I chose the Grenadier because it takes the best of the below and combines...
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