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  1. dreamalaska

    General BMW B57 & B58 USA Technical Training/Introduction Brochures

    Interesting read for gearheads: B57: B57 Engine.pdf B58:
  2. b58

    Technical upgrade after plant holidays?

    Hello, We know from BMW that they release a technical update for their vehicles after the factory holidays in the summer. Known problems will be solved by installing new technical updates when production restarts in September. Does anyone know that Ineos is doing the same thing here? Can we...
  3. SkiBum1

    Installing a Wolfbox 850 Question

    I want to install a wolfbox 850 or 900. Where are people wiring this up to so that the power wire (which is designed to plug into a cigarette lighter) is hidden? I was thinking to have the dealer wire it up to the upper panel inside somewhere, but just curious if anyone had this dilemma.
  4. M

    TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Technical Data

    Here we go again for Europe TPMS Sensors: Frequency: 433MHz Manufacturer: Continental Model: TIS-09DL OEM Number: 407006UA0A/4031100Q0F FCC ID: KR5TIS-09DL Links: FCC ID FCC Report (very detailed Data) Maybe someone wants to download and save all the PDFs for backup..
  5. J

    Transfer Case Technical Discussion

    As the US deliveries are starting to happen and my order is getting closer to production I wanted to start a discussion around the Grens transfercase and its design. I have seen some videos from Ineos and threads about the gearing but not diagrams of how the transfercase actually works. From...
  6. Traveling Marvin

    TPMS - The Quest for a second set of tyres/rims/sensors - Technical

    I know that the TPMS system is discussed in various threads, and I hope I have read most of them. But there was no conclusion. I finally decided to postpone the order of new Ineos steel rims + sensors for my winter tyres since (and change tires on my existing rims instead) since ... INEOS...
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