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  1. X

    Missing front park sensor

    I have made my Grenadier order 7 months ago through the dealer. Selected all parts and accessories I require including the Front Parking Sensor and lockable central storage box. When I went to pick up my car those two options were not fitted due to the salesman making a careless error while...
  2. Elijah

    Rear Cargo Storage

    Why are these so expensive? Anyone coming up with a suitable alternative to the eBay ones? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find decent priced ones.
  3. Bruce

    Possible alternate locking wheel storage?

    I opted out of the factory storage locker, because I wanted something a little more secure. While looking for alternatives, I came across this product for the Sprinter, which shares the 6 x 130 bolt pattern. Expensive for sure, but looks beefy and from what I understand not much more than...
  4. SQF1

    Inexpensive under seat storage

    While I love the pricier options I’m find a cheaper workable option at heart. I can’t be the only one so I wanted to pass this along. I bought a six pack of these bins off Amazon for $20. They fit under the front seats perfectly.
  5. Eric

    Under seat storage bags

    Had these for 5 months now. Very cheap, reasonably well made for that money and waterproof. £6 each at Tesco In the children's school section they are sold as lunch bags, and fit perfectly under the Grenadier's front seats
  6. APB Trading

    APB Trading - Under seat storage bags

    Hi All, New product from us : We have designed and made a pair of ripstop canvas bags to under the front seats. They have been specially designed to mould to the shape under the seats. They will be available in black ripstop with substancial zips. £100 for the pair 01299250174 to get in...
  7. O

    Storage Boxes Needed for Sleeping Platform

    I am looking for rigid storage boxes, with a height of about 7 inches (17.8 cm), to place in the rear loadspace so as to create a surface level with the rear seatbacks (when folded flat). Any suggestions?
  8. OverlandGearGuy

    Overland gear guy - A New Storage Solution for your Grenadier

    Recently we launched the Headrest Storage Boss perfectly fits the Grenadier, but we have found it also fits Van's, Bronco's, Jeep's, Tacoma's, Tundra's... Check them out View: Works...
  9. OverlandGearGuy

    Overland gear guy - Spring Sale Safari Window Covers and Screens, Under Seat Storage Bags...

    This weekend only 15% off selected items - use discount code Spring2024 Safari Window Covers insulated and Non insulated Safari Window Screens
  10. Bruce

    Americas Decked drawers

    I have a contact at Decked who says they might consider making a kit for the Grenadier if they could access a vehicle to 3D scan. Anyone near Sun Valley/Ketchum up for a visit? I can put you in touch if you're interested.
  11. sean0809

    New products from Black Sheep Innovations

    Some really exciting new products due to be launched soon from the awesome team at Black Sheep Innovations… Thanks for the heads-up Thomas.
  12. GooseGear

    Goose Gear Build Thread

    Hello folks, In our history, we have not done detailed build threads. But I feel that this vehicle warrants the effort from the team. We will most likely trim comments to items that are relevant to our build as a source for other users to get detailed information about what we do and why. Less...
  13. ninetubes

    DIY Rear Cargo Shelf

    I sketched up a rear cargo shelf and had it laser cut, bent and powder coated. Looks great, so thought I'd share the cad file for anyone that is so inclined. Sorry about the .zip, it wouldn't let me upload a .dwg Most sheet metal shops could make it happen for you by sending them the cad file...
  14. pedrogb

    Relocate usb c from storage box

    Hi all Has anyone relocated the usb c port from inside the cubby storage box? I don't mind the idea of wired connection for Android auto, just would like to tidy it up. My phone just sits on the flat space under the centre console, but on the 3 day "bring my new toy to townsville trip" the only...
  15. alvan

    Under rear seat storage

    I spent a couple of hours looking every image in the forum, without result. I can't find a posted image which shows that in the absence of a second battery there should be a standard plastic storage tray. In mine, like in many others, there is none. Can someone take me back to that post/image?
  16. tailgategear

    Hello from Tailgate Gear, vehicle storage solutions made in Italy

    Hello everyone, Quick note to introduce myself, Stefano, our company and supporting vendor, Tailgate Gear, and what we design and produce in the 4x4 interior gear space. In a nutshell: drawers, fridge modules and slides, pull-out kitchen and more for overlanders and weekend warriors. We have...
  17. HugBE

    Grenadier storage unit.

    Bonjour la communauté, Je devrais recevoir mon Grenadier mi/fin juillet. Je pars en voyage début août. Pour le matériel de bivouac, je souhaite anticiper et faire le meuble de rangement avant de recevoir le véhicule. Sur le forum, j'ai déjà pu trouver pas mal de cotes (merci à tous pour vos...
  18. MrMike

    BDM Leather Storage Bags for under the front seats & other areas

    Here are some ideas for storage accessories for your new IG
  19. MrMike

    Australasia Storage accessories

    Here are some ideas for storage accessories for your new IG
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