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  1. Onefin

    255/85R17 with Eibach springs

    Paul at Shoreline in Huntington Beach has set aside a quintet of Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT in 255/85R17 for me a while ago, and I was able to make it up for install today. I had a fortunate turn of events at work and was able to snag the “old” white Grenadier from the company I work for...
  2. MileHigh

    Eibach Springs 30mm+ and BF KO1 285/75R17 (VIDEO)

    Pretty interesting about the install of the springs and tires. I was surprised how diffucult it was to change springs- a lot of stuff to potentially jack up. Looks like they are doing a bunch of mods, I'd like to see what the total height is on this mod. This is what I was thinking of doing.
  3. M

    Americas Delivery Plan Colorado Springs

    Not convinced by summer the early model bugs will be worked out. So I think a delivery plan is in order. This will depend on my exact delivery date of course. But I can get off the pavement and overlanding with in 4 miles of Red Noland in Colorado Springs. So my thought is, transfer gear between...
  4. DCPU

    Eibach Pro-Lift Kit ~ +30mm coil springs

  5. DaBull

    Q&A Americas What Options trigger a factory coil spring change?

    Hi Ineos, What Options trigger a a factory coil spring change. Winch? Second Battery? Side Steps? Rock Sliders? Roof Rack? Bull Bar? Any Others?
  6. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Will Ineos allow you to spec a heavier spring in your build than their build sheet generates.

    If I decide to not option either the side steps or rock sliders because I prefers an aftermarket solution, will Ineos allow us to request a heavier spring set up as if we did option either a side step or rock slider. That way, when we put on an after market side step or rock slider, the vehicle...
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