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  1. Bodhi’s Grenadier

    Eibach 2.0 piggyback shocks and 500lb HD springs

    Got the rig back from Eibach last Thursday, packed it up with about a total of 500lbs on top of the already present accessories, and headed up to Sequoia National Forest. Tires were aired up to 42 in the front and 47 in the rear. Car handled well with the new HD springs in the rear combined with...
  2. ADVAW8S

    Springs in the Quartermaster

    Need some help from the hive. Do you think or can someone with close ties to Ineos answer this question. @anand @Stu_Barnes @Krabby @AWo @MossyIG @Mossy Ineos Grenadier TX Does the pick up truck use the same springs as the SW or are they different? I am asking because Airbag man is asking...
  3. nickjaynes

    Rear Spring Spacers?

    I am going to install the taller Eibach lift springs — 2.5” front and 1.5” rear. I’ve seen this lift on another truck locally. It levels the suspension, which I don’t like, especially since it’ll squat when I load up the rig. I want to find some 1.0” spring spacers for the rear coils. Anyone...
  4. Kruegerruda

    OME Springs

    I got an offer OME Springs, Heavy Duty for + 250kg permanent load in the back, +35mm Lift. Has anyone Information about driving comfort? Are OME Springs a top quality Brand?
  5. Onefin

    255/85R17 with Eibach springs

    Paul at Shoreline in Huntington Beach has set aside a quintet of Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT in 255/85R17 for me a while ago, and I was able to make it up for install today. I had a fortunate turn of events at work and was able to snag the “old” white Grenadier from the company I work for...
  6. MileHigh

    Eibach Springs 30mm+ and BF KO1 285/75R17 (VIDEO)

    Pretty interesting about the install of the springs and tires. I was surprised how diffucult it was to change springs- a lot of stuff to potentially jack up. Looks like they are doing a bunch of mods, I'd like to see what the total height is on this mod. This is what I was thinking of doing.
  7. M

    Americas Delivery Plan Colorado Springs

    Not convinced by summer the early model bugs will be worked out. So I think a delivery plan is in order. This will depend on my exact delivery date of course. But I can get off the pavement and overlanding with in 4 miles of Red Noland in Colorado Springs. So my thought is, transfer gear between...
  8. DCPU

    Eibach Pro-Lift Kit ~ +30mm coil springs

  9. DaBull

    Q&A Americas What Options trigger a factory coil spring change?

    Hi Ineos, What Options trigger a a factory coil spring change. Winch? Second Battery? Side Steps? Rock Sliders? Roof Rack? Bull Bar? Any Others?
  10. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Will Ineos allow you to spec a heavier spring in your build than their build sheet generates.

    If I decide to not option either the side steps or rock sliders because I prefers an aftermarket solution, will Ineos allow us to request a heavier spring set up as if we did option either a side step or rock slider. That way, when we put on an after market side step or rock slider, the vehicle...
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