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spare wheel

  1. Znarfgh

    Australasia Spare Wheel Carrier

    I was thinking that I only needed to carry metric sockets and Torx bits - I was wrong. The tyre carrier has 3 1/2"bolts!
  2. E

    Warning - spare wheel cover

    Woke up to find one of the rear door windows smashed - probably due to a kookaburra or similar striking at a gecko (delights of country Australia!) First step in replacement was to remove the spare wheel from its bracket by taking off the cover.... The small bolt holding the cover in place was...
  3. Adventures

    Bicycle Carrier on spare wheel

    Hi, did anyone mount a bike carrier on the spare wheel (or maybe on the ladder?)? Not for off-road use or long term travel, only for the 200 km/miles into the next mountains. Any comments? Adventures I think, I will try this one...
  4. J

    Spare Wheel Mount Question

    Does anyone have information on the maximum load capacity of the spare wheel mount? Reason: looking to add an additional 10 gals of fuel weight (~65lbs additional to the tire). Want to ensure I don’t create a separate issue. Thanks in advance.
  5. grenadierboy

    Spare Wheel Bag

    I am in market for a decent spare wheel bag (at least 50 Lt) to use for extra storage and/or for rubbish. There are so many brands around, different materials, design, size & price. In Australia, cheaper, basic ones start around $80 and high quality, multi-pocket from $175 to $230. What brands...
  6. Tony

    Spare wheel lockable box

    Thought it worth passing on my experience today in removing the spare wheel. First the storage box has to be removed, however trying to unscrew the three torque screws was extremely difficult! They were so tight that I broke two of my torque keys but eventually managed. I reflected that I would...
  7. M

    Americas Spare Wheel

    If we order the Trial Master with the 17" alloy wheels option, is the spare wheel alloy or steel? MJ
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