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  1. IG_LA

    Thoughts on 20"?

    I've scrubbed the entire forum and read through several posts, yet, no ongoing talks about the 20" rims. There was a mention once but only one response on it. I'm not looking into wrapping them with 35in tires, looking more into 285/55r20 BFG KO2s which have a diameter of 32.3 in. Seeing that...
  2. Marine bushman

    Changing from Steel Rims To Alloy, Costs

    I have decided that I would like to keep the steel rims for when i do overland trips and put the 17 inch alloys on for day to day driving. I approached IG to order and was sent an invoice. It came through as R115 000 South African Rands some $6880 Dollar. This is absolutely mental and just can...
  3. Traveling Marvin

    TPMS - The Quest for a second set of tyres/rims/sensors - Technical

    I know that the TPMS system is discussed in various threads, and I hope I have read most of them. But there was no conclusion. I finally decided to postpone the order of new Ineos steel rims + sensors for my winter tyres since (and change tires on my existing rims instead) since ... INEOS...
  4. YellowLab


    What is everyone thinking on the rims? Debating on buying steel with the 18” KO2 tires, then getting a set of nicer after market rims with more of an on-road tires as a primary set. Thoughts?
  5. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Wheel Rim Options also needed for Field Master Edition

    Both Trial Master and Station Wagon Editions allow choices of Rims, Why Can't you offer same Rim choices on Field Master configurator. Currently your only choice is the 18" alloys. Please change to allow Wheel/Rim choices like Trial Master and Station Wagon Edition configurators already allow.
  6. E

    Grenadier 17 inch Wheel rim size

    Hi All, Does anyone know what the Grenadier 17 inch steel wheel rim profile is? Is it 17inch X 8inch or 17 inch X 10inch? Thanks in advance
  7. TheDocAUS

    Third party rims

    Third party rims are now available, in Australia, for the INEOS Grenadier. The AMG Australia website has a selection here: You need to click on your model to see the rims fitted to the Grenadier. Three rims available at...
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