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  1. Pat-Ard

    Next issue with the LeTech ladder

    Hi folks, today I saw rust dripping on the rear bumper of my Grenadier. It came ot the ladder... I've already written a mail to LeTech and told them about the issue and that I want refund.
  2. angstorms

    Has any one talked to Next Venture Sports about getting skid plates for Grenadier

    Was wondering if anyone has talked to Next Venture Sports about getting Skid plates for there Grenadier. Example of Skidpates for Jeep JL and Bronco The group is...
  3. A

    Pick up the new Grenadier next week

    I get my new 2024 Grenadier next week. Hopefully lives up to the hype. Does anyone have any news on adding wires for trailer blinkers and lights. The tow bar is an easy 4 bolt application but the wires seem to be a mystery. Thanks Bob
  4. RobHallieSage

    Maybe next week here in NorCal ...

    The baby is almost here! Our Magic Mushroom is clearing port in Southern California and then hopefully making its way up to Redwood City & Gold River! Excitement building ...
  5. X

    Now abusing a 2015 toyota hilux, will the grenadier be next?

    Hi All, Currently I'm using my daily driver for quite tough offroading. A toyota hilux 2KD-FVT (144hp) manual. Bought new in 2015. Done 200k, recently did have some turbo issues, VNT position sensor had intermitted failures. In the diagnose process we decided to address everything we stumbled...
  6. Desertfox

    Hello from Dubai !

    Just joined this forum, expecting to receive my Grenadier next week. Will be looking to upgrade the exhaust system, wider fender flares and rear spoiler. As I am in the auto accessories trade, will be developing retracting side steps for this vehicle as a start.
  7. O

    Gablini Grenadier Dealer in Budapest?

    My wife and I will be vacationing in Hungary next week and would like to visit the INEOS Dealer listed there, Gablini, at “Notarius u. 5-7, 1141” in Budapest. Does anyone know if they are up and running with a showroom, gift shop for Grenadier accessories, etc.?
  8. N

    Grenadier 2 seat Utility arriving next week 🤞

    Hi all, I've got a 2-seat Utility with rough & smooth packs. Currently at local dealers, just waiting for the paperwork to go through and then picking up, hopefully next week. Really looking forward to getting it having been on this journey for what feels like a long time.
  9. MileHigh

    Americas Pricing out, next steps?

    So the pricing is out and we have on May 31 more information coming out on how to order and then until June 30 to place orders. Does anyone have any vision as to when we have to put down more money and when that becomes nonrefundable? I’m still on the fence, it’s more than I thought. And the...
  10. emax

    What do you think should be addressed in the next iteration of the Grenadier?

    I think we should gather our insights for improvements here. If INEOS is reading along here, they will get some feedback that way. Although I don't have my Grenadier yet, I do have some points in mind after we inspected ours. Rear doors: offer a configurator option to choose whether the larger...
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