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  1. C

    Light bar and mounting

    I ordered the Rhino Rack cross bars and light bars from Ineos and the dealer installed them. What I really want is to mount the light bar UNDER the Rhino Rack crossbars so I can mount the ski/snowboard rack ON TOP of the crossbar (having them both mounted at the same time - ski rack above the...
  2. marinlands

    Hi-Lift Jack mounting point

    Looking for advice on mounting a Hi-Lift jack on the side of the roof, using the tie down rails. Has this been covered in another thread? My searches for past threads have turned up empty. Any advice is appreciated.

    New CTEK D250SE Mounting Plate Kit

    Good Morning All, I am proud to release the first of our 12V solutions: CTEK D250SE Mounting Kit. If your Grenadier came with the factory dual battery system, then your vehicle is equipped with the CTEK Smartpass. The easiest way to integrate an MPPT Solar controller and improved charging...
  4. 2

    Tow Ball Mounting Dims?

    Can someone provide the mounting bolt pattern on the frame where the tow receiver would normally mount? Also could use the bolt size. I'm assuming there are captive nuts. We haven't ordered the Tow Hitch and are thinking up other uses for the mounting points if we choose not to add it at some...
  5. H

    looking for safari windows sunshade and mobile mount

    Hi I am Looking For Mobile mounting and Safari Windows sunshades. is anyone can help me
  6. Chadd7

    Any thoughts about mounting spare on roof to improve rear visibility?

    I know many have had great success with the Wolf box, but Just wondering if it made any sense to mount the spare onto the roof so it no longer obstructs the rear view. Would that be difficult? I'm assuming we'd need some kind of bracket to secure it. Maybe it makes no sense because of how heavy...
  7. MattG

    Maxtrax recovery track ladder mounting bracket

    I mounted two XTR Maxtrax-mini specific mounting brackets onto the rear ladder using four clamps, strengthened with two pieces of 30x3mm flat steel bar. Very rigid, lockable and still allows plenty of access to the rear door handle. I chose the Maxtrax Jack-base and mini recovery boards (rather...
  8. Chadd7

    EZ-Pass USA mounting suggestions?

    For those of you in the United States, where would you recommend we mount our EZ-Pass tags? I remember in my JKU Wrangler, the top of the windshield was not a great location because of the vertical slope. I mounted mine near the base of the windshield where the HVAC windshield vents were. Any...
  9. F

    Rear Spotlight mounting!

    Hi all, own a Grenadier Commercial. I've found that the reverse lights are too dim to illuminate the track as you reverse. I want to fit an 8" Lazer lightbar on the gutter rail facing rearwards. Can anyone reccomend a supplier please, or any other ideas on how to mount either a rear facing LED...
  10. Tom109

    Rock Slider Mounting Points

    I am curious what differences exist between the Ineos-designed and after market rock slider mounting points. This thread will be the place to post photos, compare, and discuss mechanical suitability for their intended purpose - to support the weight of the vehicle, survive impacts, and protect...
  11. MACS

    Ideas for mounting CB antenna

    Let me share my first idea to mount a CB aerial. CB is for me only of use when travelling with a group. If not in use i remove the antenna and protect the base with a cap. Just some simple cable management to the footwell through the door rubber-sealing. I was almost sure you want...
  12. emax

    Awning: which side?

    Which side is best for an awing? "left" and "right" answers won't help, but "driver side" or "passenger side" are much appreciated. ;) Type of (planned) awning (batwing, straight) is of course important. The reasons for the preferred side are also interesting.
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