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  1. B

    Possible Side Mirror Replacement to reduce Blind Spot - Please respond if interested

    I have been in touch with Eddy from Suma Performance (thanks to @Norb-TX for bringing them up in the other thread). They make aftermarket convex side mirror replacements to reduce blind spots. This would replace the mirror only, you keep the factory housing. They also offer a version with...
  2. hoohoohama

    Blind spot mirror

    Anyone planning to attach blind spot mirrors? There is a rather large blind spot on the driver side, wondering if anyone is planning to install aftermarket blind spot monitors or just stick a blind spot mirror?
  3. B

    Sunvisor mirror - Anyone bought one?

    Has anyone bought a Sunvisor mirror with lights from Amazon/Ebay? My wife wants one put on. I looked at what’s for sale and I don’t like the look of the ones that have the elastic strap going around the visor. The one that have a clip appeal to me, but given how hard the visors are, I don’t...
  4. SkiBum1

    Side mirror blind spot warning upgrade?

    I test drove the grenadier today. Mine is coming in a month. I was disappointed to find that the side mirrors don’t have a blond spot warning light or beep function. This has been quite important for safety changing lanes in busy Chicago and other traffic areas? Is there an after market...
  5. nickelnoff

    Wing Mirror not functioning

    LHD Grenny. Driver side wing mirror not able to be adjusted anymore. Passenger side ok and can be adjusted as normal - so concluding problem isn‘t fuse related since Fuse F138 is listed to control Power Mirrors as opposed to their being 2 different fuses for left and right sides. Any...
  6. M

    Seriously, No Dual Zone Climate Control?

    My wife picks me up in her car today (normal car that doesn't need to be mentioned as it's just a basic vehicle). She has the heat up to 80 degrees F - she's always cold. I immediately turn my climate zone down to 70 F to get some cold air going on my side of the car. Yes, her basic car has...
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