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  1. F

    We need a maintenance forum

    I’m a nut for maintenance, the pilot in me. This sounds so dumb but I toss and turn wondering the best way to maintain things. My 23yr old boat runs like it just came off the showroom floor. My Discover V might have a scuff or two from hunting or off roading but I’d trust it over a new Land...
  2. O

    Maintenance in Italy

    Hi! some IG have also been circulating in Italy for a few months now. I am in the north-east and I should receive the vehicle in a few weeks but I am starting to have serious doubts about the assistance that the current dealers can offer. Unfortunately, at the moment I haven't had any...
  3. Jean Mercier

    loose nut of front stabilizer

    As I have some "noises" since I did some off-road and stone tracks some weeks ago, I regularly try to find out what's wrong. Yesterday, as my left front wheel was in a "left turn" position, I could easily inspect the wiring and conduits. I also grabbed with my hands several parts and tried to...
  4. T

    Air filter change

    Hello Team , Gren odo reads 5077 so time for a second oil change and an air filter chnage . Oem air filter for the Gren is this one : To take the air filter out you will need a PZ3 screwdriver: The airbox screws can be undone from around the perimeter . They are captive so no need for...
  5. H

    Local Area Thread What are you actually going to visit the dealer for?

    So I started to put in my order, and entered my address for my dealer "selection" and it seems like instead of Denver they're choosing Colorado Springs. 1:30 drive, which isn't ideal. But I then started to think about what I would actually have to go to the dealer for. Obviously the initial pick...
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