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  1. D

    Americas Warranty work and Maintenance/Service

    I live over 5 hours away from the nearest dealer (which is in Dallas). Are there any other options for warranty work than returning the vehicle to the dealership? Thanks in advance!
  2. Mjolnirs

    maintenance videos

    Maybe I missed it but is anyone planning on posting some maintenance videos. I do most of my own maintenance on my vehicles,but with the Grenadier being so new,it would be nice to have a little insight on certain jobs.
  3. Stu_Barnes

    Petrol 20,000 KM – 12-Month Service Intervals 2024-02-03

    The IA recommended service interval for the Petrol/Gas engines Grenadier. Thanks go out to @Jean Mercier for this.
  4. Pete Brown

    Americas Any Alaskan Grenadiers Owners on board here?

    Hi… I have a Grenadier on the lot in Seattle at Elliot Bay Motors and need to close the deal or walk away shortly. I have had conversations with Grenadier USA and they have been clear that there will likely not be a dealer in Alaska in the immediate future to do warranty work. Further it...
  5. Mauro

    Maintenance blu flashing message

    After installing the 1946 software, the blue colored maintenance message (at the bottom of the screen, where ODO and Range are and where orange warnings usually appear) keeps flashing. It’s very annoying. The dealer told me it is a bug that will be fixed with the new SW, but no one else seems to...
  6. F

    We need a maintenance forum

    I’m a nut for maintenance, the pilot in me. This sounds so dumb but I toss and turn wondering the best way to maintain things. My 23yr old boat runs like it just came off the showroom floor. My Discover V might have a scuff or two from hunting or off roading but I’d trust it over a new Land...
  7. O

    Maintenance in Italy

    Hi! some IG have also been circulating in Italy for a few months now. I am in the north-east and I should receive the vehicle in a few weeks but I am starting to have serious doubts about the assistance that the current dealers can offer. Unfortunately, at the moment I haven't had any...
  8. Jean Mercier

    loose nut of front stabilizer

    As I have some "noises" since I did some off-road and stone tracks some weeks ago, I regularly try to find out what's wrong. Yesterday, as my left front wheel was in a "left turn" position, I could easily inspect the wiring and conduits. I also grabbed with my hands several parts and tried to...
  9. Tinki

    Air filter change

    Hello Team , Gren odo reads 5077 so time for a second oil change and an air filter chnage . Oem air filter for the Gren is this one : To take the air filter out you will need a PZ3 screwdriver: The airbox screws can be undone from around the perimeter . They are captive so no need for...
  10. H

    Americas What are you actually going to visit the dealer for?

    So I started to put in my order, and entered my address for my dealer "selection" and it seems like instead of Denver they're choosing Colorado Springs. 1:30 drive, which isn't ideal. But I then started to think about what I would actually have to go to the dealer for. Obviously the initial pick...
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