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  1. MarkH

    Fin Review interview with Lynn Calder

    " 2400 parts to procure, from over 400 suppliers worldwide.. " Use the 12ft ladder website to read full article.
  2. DCPU

    Ineos CEO Lynn Calder: politicians need to get real about the green transition

    Some interesting snippets. "In the case of the Ineos electric 4×4 that Calder plans to have on sale in 2026, the powertrain costs roughly three times as much as a combustion equivalent. ‘It will only get worse as more and more countries pull from those limited raw materials." "We might pretty...
  3. Donny

    Americas Interesting quote from Lynn Calder on US spec vehicles

    "We've learned a lot (after the start of European production). It's not a vastly different vehicle that we're building, but the US will, I hope, customers will be the determinant, but the U.S. will benefit from everything we learned last year. And we'll be getting a kind of more modern...
  4. emax

    Time for a new message from Ineos

    The last message, which came from Lynn Calder, came four weeks ago on February the 2nd. According to her promise, it's now time for an update, I dare say.
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