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  1. Asjtex

    Mounted KC lights/ 35’s/2.5 lift/ Bull Bar

    I can’t seem to stop with the modifications 😬! WolfBox should arrive soon….
  2. nickjaynes

    Rear Spring Spacers?

    I am going to install the taller Eibach lift springs — 2.5” front and 1.5” rear. I’ve seen this lift on another truck locally. It levels the suspension, which I don’t like, especially since it’ll squat when I load up the rig. I want to find some 1.0” spring spacers for the rear coils. Anyone...
  3. Asjtex

    New Eibach lift with BFgoodrich 35’s

    Drives and handles great!
  4. GrenX

    Dobinson 2" Spring lift with Remote Res Shocks and front Winch bar Spotted

    Interesting update 2" Dobinson's Springs and remote res shocks spotted on the DMW Grenadier
  5. P

    Hi-lift bumper lift

    Has anyone tried one of these on their Grenadier yet? Does it work with our bumpers?
  6. Shawnpalmer

    My Grenadier Eibach lift, 295 70 18’s, OEM wheels. Vision X light kit.

    My Grenadier lifted on Eibach springs, factory wheels on BFG KO2 295 70 18’s.
  7. Douglas_Bonser

    UK Lift Kit!

    Hello everyone, I've just ordered a 30mm lift kit from Kahn Design / Chelsea Truck Company in the UK. From what I can gather they may be the Eibach springs sold by Kahn. They're £840 plus shipping, I think that's pretty...
  8. travelerBT

    35's with the Eibach 2.5" lift...

    I can't seem to get a straight answer either through searches online or through Eibach. I just wanna know if I can get 35 x 12.5 tires to fit with the Eibach 2.5 inch lift springs with no trimming or rubbing. Just a Yes or No please... I pick up my rig tomorrow... so excited!!
  9. Bodhi’s Grenadier

    Prototype Eibach 2.5” leveling + lift

    I am super honored and pleased to have been approached by Eibach in the US to prototype springs for them. they initially ordered a set of 30mm and 40mm euro spec springs to install on two cars here in california. Agile Offroad received and fit the 40mm set on their non winch equipped rig. Eibach...
  10. Sela Green

    Two inch lift, anybody.

    I'm working with a couple of suppliers to put together a 2" lift. Has this been done or should I keep pushing forward. It will take the Gren out of commission for a couple of weeks but that is OK. How much demand do you think there will be?
  11. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will there be a lifted or larger tyre option for NA?

    Will there be al lifted or larger tyre option for NA?
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