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  1. muxmax

    Under left fender (LHD)

    I saw a Grenadier (LHD) with the left fender taken off at the shop today and took some pictures. Maybe that is of interest to someone on here.
  2. V

    Left Rear Barn Door Not Closing

    When I was on a trip this weekend , an issues with the left (small barn door) doesn’t shut because the button you push to open the door satays suppresses and does not release. basically you can’t fully close the door. Or can you lock the Grenadier. Has anyone heard of this and any fixes...
  3. S

    Coolant leak into left front footwell

    I've just spotted green coolant dripping down into the passenger (left) footwell. I've lifted the floor covering and there is a bit of a pool there. Anyone else had this issue and know what is causing it? I'm guessing heater matrix, but I hope it's something simple like a hose clamp and not the...
  4. C

    Loud intermittent squeaking coming from front left axle

    Hi, I just got my Grenadier on Saturday and it occasionally starts making a loud , high pitched squeak from the area of the front left wheel. It happens at low speeds, when i go above 50 mph it doesn't do it and at low speeds it happens every few minutes at lower to very low speeds. Has anyone...
  5. emax

    Awning: which side?

    Which side is best for an awing? "left" and "right" answers won't help, but "driver side" or "passenger side" are much appreciated. ;) Type of (planned) awning (batwing, straight) is of course important. The reasons for the preferred side are also interesting.
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